Photo Section
Welcome to the realm of Bizun's photographic failures.

Backgrounds  |  Total images: 51  |  Date added: 11-11-2007
This drawer contains old photo-section. These are backgrounds used for BFA comics.
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Events  |  Total images: 55  |  Date added: 14-04-2008
As title says -- several event records.
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Moments  |  Total images: 19  |  Date added: 14-04-2008
Funnies, pleasant sights, nice pictures, puzzling, queer, provocating... Modern lomography made with cell phone camera.
People  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 11-11-2007
Faces, personalities, related stories. People not bound to Events.
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Places  |  Total images: 5  |  Date added: 14-04-2008
Been there & have seen.

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