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Funnies, pleasant sights, nice pictures, puzzling, queer, provocating... Modern lomography made with cell phone camera.

 Glonorost to syf nieziemski.  R ya lookin' at me?!  fuck off!  Catterpillar.  This one is real, found in forests near my parents' home.  This is none of a fruit. The tree, on which it grew, is an oak, and this thing, even if one will strech imagination to the extent, resembles none of the acorn.  It is barely visible, but the three girls You may see in center of the photograph were wearing grocery bags over their heads...  This is no digital FX, nor any funny extension lens -- just reflexions of... Window glass! This shot was quite tricky, as I needed to tweak carefully with contrast, gamma and brightness... But the object wasn't running anywhere.  Christmass tree of 2006 - brought from basement, assembled and decorated with random stuff in exactly 300 seconds. Afterwards I just put it in box large enough to contain it without dismantling, so it will serve another year.  Intriguing absence of letter.  ...And one might think, Denmark is so civilized country. And it was not in a bar nor in filthy cheap hotel, but in serious office of very big international corporation...  Quite strong wind in my sister's appartment...  One of my best photos ever made. Taken in the city of Gdynia, PL,  somewhere in August 2002.  The Old reflected in the New  Do You remember that funny story about the main square in the city of Przemyśl? thay one, with empty mount, on wchich several parties could put statue according to the festival, that was celebrated? The had a statue of Good Soldier Švejk, or the statue of Holly Mother, or Saint Stephen or whatever... It's ove rnow: they made permanent JP2 memorial there, but look, what stood in the corner...  find atleast one mistake on the picture.  Emo shoe....  ...and matching emo bunny.  And some merchans put the anti-theft devices in most strange places.

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