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As title says -- several event records.

Hundred-metre dash on high heels (2006)
Hundred-metre dash on high heels (2006)  |  Total images: 2  |  Date added: 11-11-2007
One of most weird sports. Read more inside.
Hundred-and-fifty-metre dash on high heels (2007)
Hundred-and-fifty-metre dash on high heels (2007)  |  Total images: 11  |  Date added: 11-11-2007
In another year the race takes place again -- now as mature event.
København-Växjö  |  Total images: 3  |  Date added: 11-11-2007
To Sweden via Denmark...
Constitution Day 2007
Constitution Day 2007  |  Total images: 10  |  Date added: 11-11-2007
Little trip to an old historic facility -- a defending tower, where on Constitution Day some military-related events took place. We missed battle reconstruction, but have seen the militaria fairs and exhibition of war-time vehicles.
Vacation in United Kingdom 2007
Vacation in United Kingdom 2007  |  Total images: 17  |  Date added: 18-11-2007
Quite interesting journey. Couch ride trogh Eurotunel, them Maidstone, Medway (Chattam and Rochester), then London. Unfortunately, photos taken by my mobile are lost.
Bizun is Jahrig!
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Bizun is Jahrig!  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 14-04-2008
I don't have any pictures from the party, as they are violating good taste and sanity. But here some shots of my birthday cake.
 Rye sour-dough bread of my own make.  Joint birthday of our friends from student hostel.   Another two pieces. These

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