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Vacation in United Kingdom 2007
Quite interesting journey. Couch ride trogh Eurotunel, them Maidstone, Medway (Chattam and Rochester), then London. Unfortunately, photos taken by my mobile are lost.

 Maidstone, city centre, bus main station.  Two way street. Totally absurd.  So, there I was in the Pentagon...  Chattam memorial... No penny-money in the pocket.  The sample of ingenuity of British plumbers. It is believed, that the shape of piping replicates some early stage of London underground network.  The battle of England memorial.  A temu panu ciemnotę wcisnęli.  Besides the White Horse, and Snonehege, this is another neolithic artifact: early development of Radar.  Someone joined our dinner at the beeches of English Channell in Dover.  Another crazy idea -- a shower in the bedroom.  Home of our friends in London. On the left: Dalek MK-IV, disguised as loudspeaker.  Must be heavy, the suitcase...  Just before defeat by St.George.  Another uninvited guest at lunch -- this one was near The Tower Of London, at small cafe.  Canary Wharf burned in ground? We could feel like the astronauts in  Harisson's clock mark I. Taken, of course, at Greenwich Museum; an experiment to shoot in totally dark room without flash, gaining stability by pressing the lense of the camera against glass shield of the exhibit.  Earliest known development of sprite graphics.

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