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Hundred-and-fifty-metre dash on high heels (2007)
In another year the race takes place again -- now as mature event.

 Party place and registration booth  registration comitee drinking cofee an hour before official openning.  this pretty gal is a boy. One of two, who tried to register, but this one was not permitted! I DEMAND EQUAL RIGHTS! THIS IS DISCRIMINATION!  my 'If' also took place. Here: measuring of her 11cm heels... Fairy enough!  On the left in black dress -- the other of two boys. This one, however revealed only to be enclosed in male body. He is transsex and currently in progress of gender change. Accepted. And what most funny... (but proceed to the last picture)  Start line. Boring.  Every five minutes we were distracted by cars going trough -- the City mayor agreed for closing traffic only for two hours, the contestants gathered much earlier.  One of side contests.  A little bondage now...  I know exactly, what I'll do with four young gals blindfolded.. Yesss.. I'll pisk my nose and scratch my butt in front of them. (And You thinked WHAT?? In front of all this people starring?)  And the last side contests. The picture is irrevelant.

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