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2018-01-18(03Th) Not so great, but she'll be better

[20:20] Today morning I've allowed myself to sleep-in (yes, whole twenty minutes), but even though, I was all distracted: I've taken a box with waste paper to dispose it, but then forgot it on the parking lot. Pizza lunch at work. Noodles with spinach for dinner. We've restored Elmyra's old skates, and they it Eve just fine -- This year she wants to learn to skate.
=> One of Elmyra's parcel's from AliExpress has been stolen at the post office: it is marked in the system as "delivered" while we were out of town at that day.


2018-01-17(03We) Adapt Adopt Improve

[23:13] It is third day and already corrective action needed in my Project365: I need to set rigid time frame, when I will be not disturbed. Managing distractions was easy, more difficult to handle is, that my circadian intellectual peak falls exactly in the same time of the day, when Elmyra is eager to socialize. I also think, that once a week I need a day, when I will be not doing writing, but only proof-reading, editing and putting down concept.
=> When I returned home after work, we all went to neighbouring town to file a complaint in shoe shop. There was much traffic, we were about to come home late, so this was opportunity to eat out.
=> Marks and Spencer internet warehouse is shipping only to the countries, where they have stationary shops. This is stupid. And eBay resellers do not have everything from the catalogue...

2018-01-16(03Tu) Słabo chociaż bywa lepiej

[23:00] It was snowing whole day. Seven hundred words revealed to be quite a limit, not so easy to write, when everyone interrupts. Strange thing: just exactly, when I invent a passage to a story, my Wife finds it amusing to start conversation.

2018-01-15(03Mo) 365 Challenge!

[22:00] I hereby attempt to write min. 700 words (3kB) of story every day, taking max. 14 vacation days, until January the fifteenth 2019. I’m also going serious with re-learning Russian. This is to fight permanent prescience of fail. I can’t stand it.

2018-01-14(02Su) Winter vacation

[18:38] We've slept in late, then did nothing. Resting and entertaining ourselves.

2018-01-13(02Sa) Home alone

[22:00] Мы проснулись поздно, но нам никуда не спешилось. После завтрака мои девочки уехали в Город за покупками, а я пошёл в соседний городок исправить причёску. В парикмахерской не было очереди, поэтому я справился с этом немедленно, и скоро вернулся домой, где занялся стиркой. В это время я »читал« Маринину (том Чужая маска).
Элмыра и Эва вернулись в половину восьмого вечера, неся тяжёлые сумки. Моя Жена сказала, что наша дочь вела себя очень прилично.
=> Yes, I've applied that Cyrillic stickers to my laptop keyboard. Writing Russian became much easier. I've also modified the compose/substitution maps, so I can put single words or short sentences without switching to another keyboard layout. Funny thing: my Ubuntu distribution seems to not have a Windows-style Russian keyboard, where period and comma are on the key between Ю and right shift. I need to get used to 'typewriter style' layout where period is [shift]+[7] and comma [shift]+[6].

2018-01-12(02Fr) ?

[23:00] I dared not to ride my bike to work, as the rear rim could break just any moment. Little Eve had last day at school before Winter vacations.

2018-01-11(02Th) no more

[21:27] Bicycle statistics today even worse than yesterday, but this time it felt good and I didn't run out of stamina. I've been experiencing, however, terrible challenges with concentration and focus, both at work and at home.
On my way back I've caught flat tyre -- or better said, the tube almost exploded. When I was replacing punctured tube, I've noticed, that rim of rear wheel is totally sanded down, up to the point, where it starts to fall apart. No riding tomorrow, it seems, until I totally refurbish my bike.
=> Zero-width pattern matching explained: [www.inputoutput.io/lookbehind-lookahead-regex-in-vim/]

2018-01-10(02We) Sławku, a gdzie jest właściwie Judasz?

[21:56] It was a tad warmer (or better said: less freezing) this morning. I've ridden my bike to work, and my stats were again a bit lousy. I need to do something with my running nose.
After work I've picked up my car, repair was costly, but still within budget. Battery in remote key is flat.
=> When I was ridding through the forest, taking detour to other town, to attend an ATM to withdraw cash without additional fees, I've got an idea, how to implement easy way to enter Cyrillic letters in VIm: use mappings, but not phonetic or character shape based, but keyboard layout based. Switch key will be as usual the ` (back quote) character. Should be fun. Speaking o VIm -- note to oneself, that :set encoding= is not the same as :set fileencoding=, and all sorts of funny behaviour can root of that.
=> And yes (for those, who didn't comprehend with the title) I've watched G.F.Darwin's God vs. Satan, and I liked it.

2018-01-09(02Tu) Agenda Cycling Forth

[20:12] So, I've dropped Eve at school, then the car at the workshop, mounted my two-wheel demon and attempted to beat my lie records-- with miserable result: trip time over one hour. Day at work was busy but satisfying. Meeting with the teacher also very positive. The car was repaired today evening, but I don't have any cash at home, so it needs to wait.

2018-01-08(02Mo) My mistake

[21:22] So, they said at the workshop to come on the eighth -- but February the eighth... I need my ride fixed before that. So, tomorrow it is definitely a bicycle trip to work, as I'm leaving the car at garage fist thing in the morning.
=> Tomorrow there is parent-teacher conference at Eve's school.
look, what I've found: [https://www.youtube.com/user/MsFunction/videos?disable_polymer=1]

2018-01-07(01Su) Tidy up

[21:09] Sweeping clean after system upgrade was a bit more troublesome, than just copy and paste -- some of the applications were removed from distribution. I didn't touch yet all those requiring heavy source code tweaking before compilation, just basic working environment for sound and video processing, like AviDemux, so handy for just trimming lengthy recording without re-encoding.
We've totally missed on Friday, that it is a holiday on Saturday and every shop is closed -- so we needed to hunt for some groceries today.
=> Quick ride to buy something for dinner and tube of glue grew up to several hours of mindless dwelling around shopping mall.
=> FLTK developer kit installed. Fluid Tracker installed. XSoundtracler failed to resolve dependencies -- I need to manually edit source code to refer to more modern packages (gtk+-2.0 et al).

2018-01-06(01Sa) Wir sind umgezogen nach UGU

[23:00] Today I moved my authors portal away from Onet servers. Will see, how long this will work, before another crash. I've also reinstalled Ubuntu, although my settings are gone, same as some application data -- what hurts me most is the screen notepad, but I just need to figure out how to restore it, I have full backup of /home directory.

2018-01-05(01Fr) 宝血回

[22:02] So, some major rearrangements: Just by accident I needed to log-in to one of my mail accounts by WWW page, and I've been shoved a big and obvious banner up my face: www.republika.pl is closing for business on March the first -- I was preparing to migration since some time, registered a domain et al, and now the time has come to just copy and redirect.
A bit more fuss will be with the cookbook, I need to manually edit and change all references to yield “cookbook.ugu.pl”, might take some effort, not just copy files.
At the same time, my most liked eMail account is going to be closed, as the host decided to switch it off. This can be a problem, because (due to security and reliability of the service) I've connected that account with many vital services, like PayPal and school messaging hub.
=> Oil lense, “The Dune” like of: [https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/these-smart-glasses-adjust-your-vision-automatically-180962078/]

2018-01-04(01Th) Не повезло

[21:38] Про сегодняшний день я имел большие планы, но на планах и закончилось: где-то я не позвонил, там или занято, или нет термина, или »позвоните в понедельник, теперь не разбираюсь«... Гораздо лучше получилось Елмире в префектуре: Ей удалось достать удостоверение, которые необходимо для отмены договора страхования машины, которую сборщик лома взял ещё в начале декабря. Но всё остальное... Врать-ли в порядке. (detail not important only life important)

2018-01-03(01We) Soft start

[21:36] Ну чтож: сегодня утром я подвёз Эву в школу, за чем уехал на роботу. День удлинился, но был относительно продуктивным; даже если работа состояла в основном из ответа на просроченную электронную почту.
=> Advantages of my Wife being on compulsory vacation (the Institute is closed for whole week) is, that I can wander off after work not needing to pick up kid at school. So today I’ve allowed myself to entertain at the cinema with newest Star Wars release.
What can I say -- quality entertainment, but Polish translation is very bad, I needed to avoid looking on bottom of the screen to not catch up subtitles, sometimes it seemed, that these were quite another and totally different dialogues.
Przydała by się klawiatura z cyrylicą.

2018-01-02(01Tu) Fresh start

[19:20] I've waken up early, noticed, that it is a free day and went to sleep again, crawled from my bed first, when it was necessary to send Eve to the school -- and we decided, she'll go on her own -- although Elmyra said, I should go and spy on her, whether she does it right. I was reluctant, because we need to build trust between us, but eventually did as she said, unfortunately, she was right: little one was investigating each and every pond on her way, I needed to push her a bit. Beside that -- everything all right.
The car workshop was closed today, I'll give it a try Tomorrow. Instead, I've tidied up my drawer with various small gadgets, combining it with a bag of electro-trash acquired from The Roommates. Some pairs of headphones and mobile headsets in working condition, together with two Bluetooth gizmos, one of which I was able to make work (worn-off tactile switch, replacement part is like two bucks per fifty pieces on AliExpress). I've also did all the ironing, because I was curious, how is the Маринина book, I'm reading now, going to end -- yet, I've run out of laundry before I've run out of the book, so I still have like three chapters left, and the plot thickens...
I think, I might be riding my bicycle to work Tomorrow.

2018-01-01(01Mo) New life

[22:00] So many times at the breakthrough of the year I've heard a phrase: "New Year -- new life".

 _   _
| \ | | _____ __ _ _ ___ __ _ _ __
| \| |/ _ \ \ /\ / / | | | |/ _ \/ _` | '__|
| |\ | __/\ V V / | |_| | __/ (_| | |
|_| \_|\___| \_/\_/ \__, |\___|\__,_|_|
_ _ __
_ __ _____ __ | (_)/ _| ___
| '_ \ / _ \ \ /\ / / | | | |_ / _ \
| | | | __/\ V V / | | | _| __/
|_| |_|\___| \_/\_/ |_|_|_| \___|

Day was slow. The party dissolved around 0330CET, and we've slept up to 1300CET.I had terrible hangover. We've rested, had leftovers or dinner, then we went home. Eve needed to prepare to school, we needed to wash ourselves and tidy up our place.Nothing to report.

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