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2021-01-16(02Сб) Hu hu ha, nasza zima zła

[23:59] I've waken up in great mood, dressed warmly and went for a nice one-hour run. Air was crisp and freezing cold, minus five Celsius, but it only made me good.
=> I expected two new episodes on DTP, but only one is there. I also finished reading my book and started another.
=> We were at to have a small party. We were promised some activities on fresh air (and I even got a quarrel with Elmyra beforehand, about me dressing too warmly) -- but eventually we were doing everything else, and when it came to going outside, I skipped. I also didn't join the board games and have had a healthy nap instead.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się wybrnąć jakoś z konfliktu z Elmyrą;
Jestem dumny, że poszedłem biegać mimo mrozu;
Cieszę się z tego, że mogłem się wieczorem rozrywkować po swojemu.


2021-01-15(02Пт) Mróz

[23:22] Today it was minus five centigrade in the morning, but I still have ridden my bike to the Lab. My feet were all frozen, and it sadly revealed, that the shoe covers I bought in 2019 are too small, and I already discarded of the old ones. If it is really minus fifteen degrees on Monday, I may not be able to ride.
=> Some open ends at work resolved successfully, some are still pending, but manageable.
=> My phone went dead again, when only Elmyra tried to call me. She's becoming angry of that.
=> Little one didn't want to sleep in the evening, I needed to skip my workout. We've, however, invented yet another stunt to cheat her to sleep in her bed.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się nie zmarznąć podczas jazdy;
Jestem dumny, że nie zaliczyłem zjazdu w pracy;
Cieszę się z rozwiązania konfliktu wieczorem.

2021-01-14(02Чт) Więcej śniegu

[23:11] I've waken up all cramped and in pain, but it vanished after quick warm-up. Today there is slight frost, around minus two centigrade, similar to Yesterday, but roads are much more slippery, as the snow is now compacted and smooth, where it was not swept away while fresh -- this including our block's local driveway, I fell over on first turn... Getting to work took a small eternity with average speed of only sixteen kilometres per hour and towards the end my feet were frozen -- but I regret nothing.
=> I've forgotten about chocolate bars I have had hidden in my bag, and was hungry towards the end of the day.
=> I've picked up a parcel on my way home. No trouble with drained battery this time: hiding phone under jacket helps to prevent energy loss.
=> noodles with cabbage and minced turkey á la sloppy Joe for dinner. Surprisingly tasty.
=> Little one didn't want to go sleep in the evening. I was all exhausted and angry, was nearly tripping with each step when I was carrying her on my hands to rock to sleep... Elmyra then tried bits of her voodoo and eventually found a way -- we confirm the experiment tomorrow.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się dojechacw obie strony bezpiecznie;
Jestem dumny, że znalazłem sposób, by telefon sie nie rozładowywal;
Cieszę się z tego, że szefo mnie pochwalił za robote przy PTP.

2021-01-13(02Ср) Śnieg

[23:18] It was already snowing yesterday evening, when I was driving home, and it continued slowly through all the night -- The snow cover grew to nice four inches, just enough to paralyse traffic on smaller roads. It was occasionally dropping few flakes here and there, so my bike was all covered white, when I arrived, after quite and exhausting trip.
=> At work I'm beginning to make myself comfortable in new arrangements, while Eve is staying overnight at her friend's place today.
=> When I was on my way home, Elmyra called several times, which was inconvenient, because my earpiece discharged completely, and I needed to stop to receive a call. I also was asked (in a manner not tolerant to refusal) to go back from garage and visit a grocery store -- and then my phone went dead too -- I'm thinking, how to deal with that, the device is not surviving cold weather very well.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się dojechać w obie strony bezpiecznie;
Jestem dumny, że rozkminiłem o co chodzi z PTP.
Cieszę się z miłego wieczoru.

2021-01-12(02Вт) Pół dnia

[23:08] Elmyra and I got up as planned, first thing in the morning, so that we feed Helen and prepared to leave early enough to be at our destination on 0700CET. On our way back we've had breakfast at McTrash and visited hardware store to buy window shades, to finally get rid of the curtains -- which were with us long before we bought our flat: these are cut from one big sheet, that we used as retractable partition wall on our shared rented flat (that's the place, from where nickname "Roommates" for Eve's godfather and his wife, , comes from). And the life of these pieces of cloth has still not ended: it is revealed, that they are perfect size to use as casual table cloth for our dining room.
=> Lifehack of a day: How to cheat Little Helen, who refuses to drink her milk from feeder bottle? Pour it into B-Box (a baby drinking mug with straw).
=> On my way back, I purchased a laundry basket but not the safety shoes. Elmyra called, that there is nothing for dinner, so I ordered Indian curries (three different flavours, to share). We went to sleep early.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się kupic rolety i nawet jedną zamontować;
Jestem dumny, że nie pomyliłem przy tym ani nie pogubiłem żadnych części;
Cieszę się ze smacznego obiadu.

2021-01-11(02Пн) Essa rigcz

[23:56] Morning was surprisingly smooth, even if I was caught for some minutes by indecisive paralysis, the ride to work was a bit slow, but because I've departed earlier, I was at Lab gates on time -- however I missed to visit grocery shop on my way (wrong turn).
=> At work some small lagging tasks I managed to complete, which gives me some boost to attack one huge lagging task. In the meantime, I received my first responsible job on new position.
=> The weather is very nice. Elmyra called her company and scheduled a meeting with their HR specialist to arrange detail on parental leave. She also admitted, that it is shame to waste such a nice weather, but she feels lazy today -- and couldn't make a decision, whether to go outside or not -- but she went there eventually.
=> On my way back I was quite exhausted, also I forgot to start recording the activity.
=> Potato fries and turkey nuggets for dinner.

Jak puścisz film na jutubie w zwolnionum tempie, to wzystkie dialogi brzmia jak pijane.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się nie zasnąć przy biurku;
Jestem dumny, że wytrwałem pierwszy dzień w postanowieniu,
Cieszę się, że obiad smakował.

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