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2018-09-19(38We) Grave misunderstanding

[23:50] The same evening, that I've destroyed my bicycle rack bag, I've ordered replacements online: one for the rack side, the other for the grip bar. The big one has arrived within two days, the other is stuck, additionally the waybill letter is not found by delivery monitoring system. Time to open dispute.
=> Eve was slow to get up and to prepare today.
=> I didn't iron too much today, I was busy cooking, as the pumpkin started to fade and we didn't want it to get spoiled. And I've destroyed the chip cutter completely, I'll buy myself new one next month, as it is surprisingly useful thing.
=> Strange malfunction in my bicycle: the little piston inside tyre valve has unscrewed with vibrations and I was keeping loosing air as I rode. I was unable to borrow special tool for that, so I've fixed the leak tightening the valve with pincers.
=> Internet was not working, when Elmyra came home: not only the uplink to wide area network, but also WiFi was down (none of the devices was able to connect). I believe, that change of provider is inevitable soon.
=> Also today morning I was fighting with GoogleNow. Why fight? On my phone, which is LG K120e, it didn't work properly: two main features I need are adding calendar events and leaving notes or voice messages for later. Google tried to save each note through Trello, when I've removed that, it wanted to leave notes via eMail (which I have purposely not configured). I've managed to set reminder, but it went SOMEWHERE, not to the calendar. It went better, when I've installed Keep: at least I know, where notes and reminders go, but still the events are not replicating into calendar, I've wasted some time trying to find solution, but with null results -- I'll continue Tomorrow, because it sometimes work sometimes not.
=> And there is one huge miscommunication: Elmyra thought, that I will do evening shift today instead of tomorrow, while I thought, it is obvious, that I'll go for evening today AND tomorrow. Not much can be done about it now.


2018-09-18(38Tu) OG

[21:15] My sleep was short but deep -- monitoring shows 59% in R.E.M, which is the best result so far. It was chilly in the morning and my stats were poor. Surprisingly productive day at work, at least I know, what to do. In the afternoon, Eve was quick to do her homework and pack her backpack -- Elmyra was asleep, so I didn't learn until she woke up, that I was lured into scam: Eve was forbidden to play outside for her misbehaving earlier, and I let her...
cold buffet and leftovers for dinner. Tomorrow I'll cook some pumpkin soup.

2018-09-17(38Mo) Late hours

[23:40] I've waken up early, but then went back to sleep, as I remembered, that I supposed to do evening shift today. Sleeping in late made me good, Eve was also quite happy, that she needs not get up so early -- when she left, I've tidied up a bit, then started ironing, beginning with the drawer with 'difficult' items. My ride to work was nice -- not so much traffic in the middle of the day, day at the office was quite productive, my ride back was really good: crisp air, barely any traffic, and energy, that needed venting. On my way I've received a parcel with new bicycle sack.
At home an unpleasant surprise: it was 2230CET and little Eve was still up doing her homework, as she lied again, that she already finished. And then Elmyra was ranting about her work, and also said, she didn't like the pumpkin stew.

2018-09-16(37Su) Internal day

[18:08] I've slept in late, then got up all regenerated and energetic -- but even though, I didn't tough the ironing through all day, finding myself other important things to do: cook pumpkin stew, bake muffins, repair broken furniture, fix loose crank in the Україна, seal leaking washing machine etc.
Little Eve is again misbehaving at school, not noting down homework, lying to us. Old rules need to be reaffirmed and enforced. Next Sunday.
Eve is in fourth grade now, and they will be taking exam for bicycle ride permit this year. At this moment, she is lacking the basic skill, way to go before we start with traffic rules...

2018-09-15(37Sa) Chores

[22:29] internal day spent on tidying up home and making small repairs. Elmyra is ill. Mac'n'cheese out of a rice cooker for dinner.

2018-09-14(37Fr) Big plans

[23:23] I've waken up early, have waken up Eve, and departed to the office -- giving my daughter opportunity to take care of getting to school entirely on her own -- OK, maybe I've prepared our breakfast, but I didn't touch the rest, not a single word of reminder -- and she did remember everything.
i was a bit stuck at work, trying to tie all loose ends. Then I've agreed to help LAB people on the evening shift.
Leftovers and cold buffet for dinner. Elmyra took her work home again.
I've tried to revive my Jabra by upgrading firmware, but it seems, it is up to date (BT4.0 and BLE compatibility reassured with patch from June 2017). I've the fiddled a bit with settings, and it seems, the thing came to reason and puts phone calls through. Will see.

2018-09-13(37Th) Conference

[21:07] I've overslept in the morning. Much overslept. After work I've attended parent-teacher conference at school. On my way back home I've picked up a parcel from parcel-o-matic, and I've totally broken my bicycle rack bag, fortunately, I've spotted a feasible replacement in Chinese shop the other day.

2018-09-12(37We) Bad hair day

[21:37] I've slept quite badly, and my day was just half steam ahead -- everything went slow. However, riding the bike went surprisingly well, quite nice trip time.
Some of my parcels arrived. And I've learned, that I'll probably not join the Employee Appreciation Day this year...

2018-09-11(37Tu) School time

[22:30] Elmyra made it on time, so I could stay in bed up to 0630CET. Little Eve waken up and prepared to leave without trouble. My ride was fine, but there is too much traffic around 0700CET to my taste -- I liked it better at 0530CET.
Quite good day at work, Eve had no trouble to get home after school. Leftovers for dinner.
I've thought of cutting out the applet from our school's webpage, that shows time to nearest bell ringing -- but it revealed not so easy, I may need to investigate it more later, maybe tomorrow.

2018-09-10(37Mo) For the first time

[22:02] Elmyra set her alarm clock wrong, fortunately, I didn't switch off mine set to 0500CET, so I could get her up on time -- even though, she needed a lift to the station to not miss her ride. Eve did surprisingly well with departing to school and coming back safely alone.
I've good good ride, both sides.
Eve's lesson plan changed again.
Turkey with groats stew for dinner.

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