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2018-06-22(25Fr) Schools out

[22:00] Elmyra has waken me up early, because she suddenly remembered lots of things. Eve, on the other hand, slept until 0800CET. Ceremony was brief, Eve got a prize for not missing a single day of curriculum, then kids got their yearly certificates, packed remaining belongings from their boxes, and off we go...
=> working from home was quite a success, although not all tasks I've picked were ready to go, so some time was wasted. Also, the internet was jammed, more than usual. Nothing prepared for dinner.
I've missed call from Do. -- I guess I'll call back tomorrow.


2018-06-21(25Th) Midsommär!

[22:10] Today I've asked, why Eve needed non-functional phone at school (the smartphone she smuggled yesterday has disabled connectivity, both cellular and WiFi), and she said, she likes to listen to the radio on breaks -- so I've given her one of the old, analogue receivers I was planning to give on charity. It seems, it solved the problem for a moment.
=> Another interesting lecture at work, many pieces were getting along with the things I've learned at evening school. Now is the moment to "stop trying and just do it".
=> In the afternoon Eve was out until late, Elmyra was scribbling her papers. Tomorrow schools are out.

2018-06-20(25We) The way it is

[22:00] Today Eve also got up without flaws, but I don't know when she smuggled a smartphone to school. Day at work spent on an interesting training, then I smoothly transferred to my evening school, where I've graduated from the course. High on endorphins, but too exhausted to do anything in the evening, went straight to bed.

2018-06-19(25Tu) Too much

[21:12] Eve got up without major flaw, I've made good trip time to the office, my day was skipping from one meeting to another. I've lost somewhere my bike counter.
=> Calculators3000, Булат Окуджава, guitar riffs and too salty scrambled eggs.
Poland lost to Senegal, maybe not 3:0 as I've bet my money, but still: they lost due to arrogance and underestimate of the opponent.

2018-06-18(25Mo) Nectarine is down

[21:19] So, after revival after that heavy crash back in September 2008, and many years of prosperity, Nectarine is down for undisclosed period, maybe forever. Pity, I liked it -- but nostalgia is one thing, while the world just ploughs on, not looking back.
=> Today Eve did a very bad thing at school -- the only good thing is, that now she has no lagging undone home works. Learning progress is less of a problem but attitude grows to be bigger and bigger issue.
=> can't sleep.

2018-06-17(24Su) Second day of the festival

[22:08] We've slept in late, no hurry, no worries. I took Eve to the church, then we've had early lunch and visited the other events of Open Garden Festival. There were some nice things too: a group, that was performing traditional music, pot flowers hobbyist club or portable bread/pizza oven. Eve spent all day outside, while Elmyra was mending her paperwork and I did all the small repairs.

2018-06-16(24Sa) Festiwal Otwartych Ogrodów

[23:59] Elmyra got up in the middle of the night, around 0400CET, because she felt acute pain in her eye. She was washing it down with injection saline and contact lens cleanser, but it barely helped.
After that I've fell asleep again, and let myself to sleep in late. I've crawled out of my den around nine o'clock. Sister-Student texted me, that she will arrive just before noon, so our three have had healthy breakfast together at the dining table, then I've descended to the garage to tweak my bicycles. There is something wrong with dérailleur, seems that the main spring is already worn off.
=> When Sister-Student arrived, we took off to attend the village festival. Of all the events, for me the best was the show prepared by historical reconstruction society and experimental archaeology team: they were recreating a bloomery (and produced a sample of sponge iron) and also were demonstrating a Roman legion troopers, gladiator fights and the like. We were exhausted in the evening, so no booze.

2018-06-15(24Fr) Zespół Tulia

[20:40] Through the night, my phone updated its firmware. It was quite natural, that I have at once evil urge to check, whether the BlueTooth problem has been solved -- but no, the fail still persists. Anyway -- I may have give it a chance with the original Jabra runtime, if not, I will put this project aside, until I replace my phone with something based on Android 6.
No idea for dinner -- maybe a salad, but with roasted fish (and hard boiled eggs for Eve).
I have found one interesting book about mathematics, in Russian. This is about using the first generation programmable calculators, like МК-61 МК-52 В3-34 etc, for solving most common mathematical and engineering problems. My attention was caught by the chapter about matrix operations and determinants; especially, when I have seen a program listing to solve 4x4 determinant, which was a curious thing, because the above mentioned machines have only fourteen registers to store numbers (while I expect 16 needed for this kind of job) -- they used some clever trick with interactive prompting... I wish I had this book when I was at my University -- in fact, this was not so impossible, as it was printed in 1985, and my institute certainly had a copy.
=> Today I go early to bed.

2018-06-14(24Th) DESIGNING!

[22:51] I have totally forgotten about my vaccinations! I was sitting in the Office, mending my business, when calendar notification shouted at me, I have a visit... Fortunately, I have managed to not get late. But now they won’t bother me in another ten years. Last thing to do is to send a copy to Sanitary and Epidemic Control outpost.
=> In the afternoon, as a mental exercise, I've revisited the topic of electrical installation for a bicycle. This time I have started with search for proper data about electrical and mechanical characteristics of available hub dynamos, and with disappointment I've concluded, that this is not readily available, in most cases one needs to test and get the curves oneself -- catalog data show only drag vs speed with load on and off, and power delivered to incandescent bulb vs speed. No data on voltage and current, and this is crucial for charging lead-acid battery (I’m not even thinking about NiCd or LiPO types). However, some good material for starters I've found. There is also the question of low-loss low-voltage rectifier, of course the MOSFET bridge comes first to the mind, but such circuit needs another valve to cut reverse current (from filtering capacitor back to generator) and increased complexity eats up the gain. I've finally drawn some simple schematics, then had an idea to add battery status indicator, as simple as it only could be -- an then I've noticed, that all these circuits are designed for 12V car starter battery, and most of the designs has no explanation whatsoever, so it is rather tough to re-calculate them to 6v.
Some reference materials:

2018-06-13(24We) Czy koń wie, że wygrał?

[23:59] forced positive thinking. Very important topic at the workshops, very exhausting exercise.

2018-06-12(24Tu) Two in a row

[21:34] Today again I've had trip time below 3ks. Eve prepared nicely and quickly, but then misbehaved at school. Busy day, but not much done.
Pulled grilled turkey breasts with selection of salads for dinner.

2018-06-11(24Mo) A record

[20:30] Yesterday I've agreed with Eve, that she will wake me up in the morning. We've set up alarm clock -- then nothing happened: little one just ignored the sound, and went on in slumber. On the other hand, I've made trip time below three thousand seconds. At work it was a slow day: I'm depending on response from other people. I was pulling all small tasks from the pool. Eve misbehaved at school. Nice dinner. Quiet evening. My knees are sore.

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