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2018-11-19(47Mo) Home office

[21:27] Elmyra has waken me up, then I have had minor incident in the bathroom. I've decided rather to stay at home, and if the thing won't go away in the afternoon, then I'll call on sick. Fortunately, I have had my laptop with me, so it counted as work from home.
Some things went smooth, some didn't move at all. Little Eve was again slow to do her homework, while I suddenly remembered, that we have some lagging payments to make (mostly annual fees for the school). Elmyra just came home then after few minutes went to her evening lessons.
Noodles with spinach (alternate recipe) for dinner.
I've repaired broken chain in my bicycle, but I'm still waiting for rear sprocket.

2018-11-18(46Su) Busy Work

[22:53] We've let ourselves sleep-in late, then engaged in grand clean-up action. Lots of laundry, lots of purging unused items, I've washed my keyboard, which I've taken home from the office, I've also moved lots of stuff to the basement. Eve had a visitor -- she met one of her friends at the church and they were going back home together, while I went to the far end of the town to pick up one parcel at the self-service locker. When I was moving things to the basement, I've also took my oilskin jacket and cycling shoe covers, and I've varnished them with hydrophobic fabric impregnation -- will see, whether it makes them rainproof. What I'm not so proud of, is that I didn't touch the iron, neither we sat at the table to have that serious talk with Eve -- but then, we've had nice family dinner, and tested some gear bought yesterday, also Eve finished her homework, and we all were ready to go sleep early -- but then it strangely prolonged into the night...


2018-11-17(46Sa) Day wasted

[22:50] I've waken up late. We've been shopping whole afternoon and good part of evening, our home is a'mess,

2018-11-16(46Fr) Zebańe rozicuw

[23:59] Today I've waken up with headache. Elmyra wanted to be driven to the station, but I was not able to. My getting-up in the morning was slow, Eve's was even slower -- although I've managed to search her backpack and check, whether she's not taking anything not needed with her. I wanted to leave as early as possible, to avoid traffic jams, because today is Friday. The headache didn't go away when I've arrived in the office and had my morning coffee -- I'm afraid, I've caught a cold.
=> This weekend I need badly to change tyres to winter ones. Also, my keyboard in the Office needs some washing.
=> I've called my mum to chat a bit over latest news, and also ask, who will be joining for Christmas, and learned disturbing news.
=> In the evening I was in the City to have couple of beers in a popular place, and it was fun (the Kiss of the Beast). I've returned home with last train.

2018-11-15(46Th) Zebańe rozicuw

[21:21] I didn't get up as early as I planned, little Eve also was slow in the morning. My day at work was all disturbed, barely anything done right.
On the parent-teacher conference at Eve's School it all was quick, I'm growing to like Eve's main teacher more and more, she's very acute observer -- the only thing I've learned, is that Eve has some missed hours and few instances of coming late. I need to get it straightened.
Sister-Student is sick -- but not with a flu: she experienced sudden sciatica (ischias), she's in bed and can't visit us this weekend.
The guy in online shop, where I've bought replacement rear sprocket for my bike, responded, that he can't deliver -- I've demanded my money back.

2018-11-14(46We) In the eve of doom

[22:30] The chain tool has arrived with mail, but without rear sprocket I can't fix my bike.It seems, that the spare part is pretty obsolete and thus became rare. I did my best to be back home after work as soon as possible, because in the afternoon we've been reworking one certain light fixture for our neighbours.
Little Eve did quite well with her homework.

2018-11-13(46Tu) Ghostblade

[22:15] My bicycle parts still didn't arrive. I don't like driving. Eve did it well in the morning, she also did well on 'nature' exam retake.
I've repaired the dishwasher and cordless vacuum cleaner.
Noodles with spinach for dinner. Eve is reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

2018-11-12(46Mo) Katzenjammertag

[20:46] Странно: я положил свой «умный браслет» на зарядное устройство, когда я принимал мой вечерний душ; он не был полностью заряжен, когда я ложился в постель, поэтому я смотрел сериал и, в конце концов, заснул. Браслет был целую ночь в зарядном устройстве, ничего плохого в этом. Но: когда я положил его на свое запястье утром и проверил статистические данные в приложении, оказалось, что глупая вещь все еще сохраняла откуда-то мое сердцебиение, несмотря на то, что датчик все время смотрел на неподвижную пластиковую стену.
=> Сегодня все в гораздо лучшем настроении. Картофельный омлет на завтрак. А потом Эва училась стихотворение по испанский, а я с Элмирой делал запросы на Aliexpress.
=> Блинчики на утренний чай, Жареная утка на ужин.

Los pájaros marchan
buscando el calor,
las hojas se caen
y cambian de color,
El día es mas corto,
calienta poco el sol,
las setas y uvas...
¡que ricas son!

2018-11-11(45Su) A na Marcina gąska

[23:00] Сегодня было тяжело, только с некоторыми яркими моментами. Мы поссорились, все с всеми. И даже самый лучший обед не спас его.

2018-11-10(45Sa) Lumberjack

[23:15] Будильник зазвонил слишком рано, я забыл выключить его. Затем мы глубоко уснули и едва проснулись вовремя. Мы прибыли на _ Сожителей вскоре после 1130CET, и сразу занялись работой. Четыре дерева были срублены в этот день, более 300 кг листьев были отправлены на свалку. Обед понравился всем. Мы вернулись домой не так поздно вечером, как щбычно.

2018-11-09(45Пт) Единственный способ изучить иностранный язык это активно ним пользоваться

[22:58] Mein Morgen war schwer: Ich hab' nicht in die Nacht gut geschlafen (ich bin während die Nacht immer wieder aufgewacht, mit Albträumen). Dann Eva stand langsam auf und bereitete sich auf die Schule langsam vor -- und ich habe Elmyra versprochen, Eves Haare zu kämmen.
=> Am Morgen habe ich eine Anti-Fog-Maske angelegt, aber auf der Strecke habe ich leider beide Ventile verloren (Zapasowe są na allegdrogo, ale drogo). Als ob das nicht genug wäre, brach die Kette in meinem Fahrrad zwei Kilometer vom Büro entfernt und ich musste die Krippe zu Fuß laufen. Ich wollte schnell nach der Arbeit in das Fahrradlager einsteigen, aber an dieser Adresse ist es nicht mehr. Ich ging zurück in die Werkstatt und verband die defekten Glieder mit dem M4-Bolzen, und dann fuhr ich sehr langsam nach Hause.
=> Abends kochte ich vier Stunden lang drei Gerichte für das Wochenende.

2018-11-08(45Чт) Iddle

[21:11] Eve was slow to get up, but eventualy she did it, I've checked-up her backpack. I have had not quite bad trip time, but then nothing went right at work. Eve did well with her exam, she also was rather quick to finish her homework. Elmyra's recipe for noodle with vegetables for dinner.

2018-11-07(45Ср) Anger and exhaustion

[21:20] Я проснулся перед моим будильником, но Элмыра прозевала свой -- я подвез её на вокзал.
=> I've ridden my bike to work, but it revealed, that rear sprocket is all sanded down amd the gear skips on three bottom gears. making a good trip time was not really possible. Nice day at work, things go forward.
=> The Wildcat bought herself laptop with stylus. Liquid fun for her.

2018-11-06(45Вт) Выкрутился;

[20:35] I hate driving, and driving to and from the office in particular.
Little Eve didn't write her exam, because there was fire drill at school wchich took whole hour.
My new front rim arrived, and I'e mounted it today. I've also changed the chain, but here not all went as planned: I've broken the chain tool.
Elmyra is all nervous, something went wrong at work.

2018-11-05(45Пн) Попал

[21:32] Утром мне было очень тяжело вставать. Потом Эва собиралась медленно. Я поздно ушел из дома, но я далеко не уехал, когда я попал в аварию: Мне ударила машина выходящая из подъездной дорожки. Счастливо, ударила в переднее колесо, не именно в меня. Ничего не случилось, нет и маленького синяка -- но велосипед неспособен ездить. Исполнитель был доволен пойти мне навстречу, я сказал €70 и подвезти мне дома (только четыре километра, но тащить велосипед на плечах мне не улыбалось). По дороге я коротко беседовал с этом парнем: он был более испуган, чем я. И так все здоровые. Я поехал на роботу на машине.
Хорошие новости на работе: в четверг бесплатная пицца.
tak dla przypomnienia: Przeprowadzka firmy z biura w Mieście do większego biura na przedmieściu nastąpiła {2006-10-02}, a cipkowóz kupiliśmy {2006-12-11}

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