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2018-05-18(20Fr) Off schedule

[22:04] Gantt charts, interlocking diagrams, flowcharts, checklists -- and in the end, nothing went as planned. But it moved towards the positive end. Just a bit. Eve was confessing fr the first time, Elmyra took chance to confess too. My in-Laws arrived without trouble, Eve is all happy. I've managed to get the meat for main course. We've assembled the new table. But it is Tomorrow that will be really busy.


2018-05-17(20Th) Parcels

[20:41] I've let myself sleep-in in the morning, to get some additional rest. It made me good, same as Eve. Day at work was quite OK, I needed car to pick up some big parcels from various places. I the afternoon girls went to rehearsal, while I defeated another two piles of laundry. The weather is killing me.

2018-05-16(20We) Woda w butach

[22:01] Nice morning, I've learned one thing from my daughter, that I need to discuss later with Elmyra. Nice ride to work, nice day at work, one very important parcel arrived. On my way back home I was ridding through a storm -- here I need to admit, that these fancy Chinese overshoes are not really good for storm, as they tend to accumulate water, that is dripping from one's calves. Nice day at evening school, my girls were soundly asleep when I returned.
Today marks the longest series, when I've ridden to work on my bicycle daily -- twenty-four working days unbroken. This will however stop tomorrow, as I need my car to carry one big parcel.

2018-05-15(20Tu) Zimna Zośka

[22:20] Again, nice morning, Eve in good mood, we've departed early and I had good trip time, so I was quite early at Company door. Nice day at work, if only other people did their piece right. Elmyra painted the bathroom. I was with Eve at rehearsal.

2018-05-14(20Mo) How to not get wet

[21:30] Nice morning, Eve was slow, but we didn't go very late. Decent trip time, nice day at work: one of two big things explained and pushed forward. After my shift I went to the hardware store to buy one can of paint, I've also called my Wife's siblings (who live in the City) to officially invite them for Sunday. Nobody feel offended, to my great relief. Elmyra invented quite nice recipe for dinner (which I've flawlessly executed). After we've eaten, I've attacked pile of laundry with armed pressing iron, and I've defeated first drawer in sparkling glory.

2018-05-13(19Su) Floorist

[21:02] We've waken up late, have had breakfast, then I've took Eve to the church, only to realize, that exactly today the schedule is way off, because our town's other school third-graders are celebrating their first communion.
We have had some talk about rules, chores and duty.
I've assembled the tiled floor for the balcony -- it looks far better now.

2018-05-12(19Sa) Achievement

[22:00] Sudden awaken in the middle of the night turned to be a good thing. After that we have had quite successful day out: I've cut my hair, we bought all missing items for the party... Sister-Student called and we rectified some misunderstandings. Eve behaved quite well. This was a good day.

2018-05-11(19Fr) Sorting out

[22:00] Eve got late in the morning, but I've managed to not get late to work. My ride was nice, decent trip time, despite opposite wind. On my way back I've took a detour to receive a parcel. At home, whole afternoon and good part of evening we all spent on tidying up our living room -- Elmyra re-arranged most of the storage.

2018-05-10(19Th) Think positive

[21:55] Nice morning, nice ride, nice day at work, (one meeting didn't take place at all, but this is within error tolerance). We've fixed that piece of furniture to the wall, we've also started to plan and schedule all the tasks before next week's celebration. My mother-in-law called, and we've chatted for some hour or longer.
Cabbage stew for dinner.

2018-05-09(19We) Wetted

[22:23] Nice morning, nice ride, very productive day at work, brief visit to the hardware store to buy a nice can of floor paint (balcony to be repaired this weekend). On my way home I was caught by the rain, and I've totally forgot, that I carry with me the rubber overshoes, so my sneakers were all soaked and covered with ton of mud. I wonder, whether they get dry until tomorrow morning.
Very nice and very important topic on the workshop today, some discovery moments during exercises.
Goole Fit can be useful, if one spends some time on configuring it right, however, GPS tracing is consuming too much power (BikeComputer is better to that, but it does not integrate to Fit). I may need to check, how does it work offline. Or -- in standard situations -- just enter bike rides to and from office manually.

2018-05-08(19Tu) Improvements

[22:01] We've waken up early, I didn't need to drive Emyra to the station, I've got pretty good trip time on my bike, in general i was prepared to stay longer in the office, and go to the hardware shop to buy a can of paint, but it revealed later, that I don't need to stay late hours and also I'm needed at home as soon as feasible. After quick and dirty dinner (what was a casserole on Sunday, was diluted and served as leço yesterday, and today was rendered into soup) I've took Eve to swimming pool. And there was lots of fun. After that we've all engaged in the kitchen and prepared whole big pot of cabbage stew.
Somewhere inbetween all this I've experimented again with reading test messages aloud on my phone (I've noticed, they repaired the bug, that rendered message body into "new message"), with a success: the Shouter app now reads aloud only when headphone is plugged in. I've also tried, whether the BT bug with phone calls is repaired, but no: there is still ringing signal in the earpiece and the conversation goes through handset.
Google fit is useless contraption.

2018-05-07(19Mo) Better and better

[18:41] I've slept very badly, I felt as is my head was about to crack. Elmyra overslept and needed a lift to the station. I've taken double caffeine in the morning, but still my trip time was nothing spectacular -- but pretty good anyway, taking into account bad sleep, headache and flood of ooze from my nose. Day at the office was quiet and moderately unproductive -- I was de-cluttering my inbox and listening to mandatory training. I've forgot to charge my phone overnight, so it died.
Little Eve performed badly at school, so our excursion to the swimming pool is postponed again.
Elmyra confronted her manager over the April's salary, and was mad with anger, then totally exhausted, she has fallen asleep so deeply, that she skipped dinner.
I also plan to go to sleep early today.

2018-05-06(18Su) Sinusitis

[21:12] I was waken up by call from furniture delivery at about 0740CET, and they were at my doors just 0755CET, my girls needed get up from bed and clear the floor with speed of light. Table, chairs and bookshelf are here. The weather was perfect, Elmyra felt better, but her legs were still swollen,so she didn't join little Eve and me in the church. Speaking of Eve: she was thinking only about going to the swimming pool, but I couldn't keep my promise, because right at noon a terrible headache hit me. I've just let Eve play outside, and then barely managed to assembly the bookshelf, then Elmyra trimmed its legs (with blunt and wiggled saw, cursing mercilessly). We've left fixing the shelf to the wall for later, maybe tomorrow.
Towards the evening, the headache become stronger. I've decided to also go outside -- I've mounted my bike and ridden to the far side of the town to shop for groceries, but it didn't make me feel good... Baked vegetable casserole for dinner, then I went sleep early. I couldn't find any anti-inflammatory pills, Elmyra consumed everything when she was treating her teeth last month...

2018-05-05(18Sa) Racja jest jak dupa, każdy ma swoją

[23:59] We've planned to get up early, but I've overslept my alarm clock -- all kind of bad things started to happen after that: our preparations were more than 'a bit' nervous, there were some fails under way, all in all we've got late to the church, but finally meet with our party and arrived at the party place on time. We've socialized a bit with old friends, whom we've seen quite rarely through last five years. Eve misbehaved towards the end, but nothing really severe.
Back at home we have had quiet evening. I was researching on the internets various renditions of Beethoven's Seventh (2nd. movement), and found some interesting recordings.

2018-05-04(18Fr) Shopping day

[23:44] We planned to start the day early, but again: I've crawled from bed at about 1000CET, Elmyra was better, woke up at 0730CET, turned on the washing machine, then has fallen again asleep. Then we went shopping again, this time we were more successful, than on Wednesday.
I've found some inspiration: a health planner/tracer book -- I'd like to implement such functionality as phone app or at least nice local database. Will see, start on Monday.

2018-05-03(18Th) Я пишу роман

[22:00] This was extreme: I've crawled out of bed first at 1100CET, then it took us another two hours to get out from home. We've visited the Roommates, kids went to the park, while I've stayed in garden, took another nap and then opened my laptop (to test new battery), and immersed in my unfinished stories, doing some rewrites and edits. Nothing is ready for publication yet, but I've straighten some pivotal points of main plot.
Our girls with kids returned at sunset, and we've made it home before the storm.
This was a good relaxing day.

2018-05-02(18We) Money spending holiday

[23:01] Я проснулся поздно, и с самого утра поссорился с Элмырой. Потом Эва поссорилась с Элмирой. Потом мы начали планировать наш день и конец концов сделали список гостей. После этого, мы уехали делать покупки, но не нашли слишком половины вещи. Вечер был тяжёлым и неприятным -- мы все устали.

2018-05-01(18Tu) Es lebe erste Mai!

[23:59] I've waken up early, but didn't step out of bed until around 0900CET.
My smartband has corrupted data again, and wouldn't synchronize with phone app. I need to invent a convenient way to charge it daily.
I've snoozed away in the afternoon, I don't know, why I'm so tired.
Eve misbehaved in the evening, detail not important

2018-04-30(18Mo) Monday, learn

[23:13] I've slept badly, it was too hot. We've let ourselves to stay in bed until all party woke up, then have had breakfast, and at once attacked the garden. Work went slow, and then I needed to attend my evening school, so I've left around 1630CET, to have proper bath and change clothes before lecture, I've also finally managed to plug into Company's system through VPN (it revealed, I need to connect with ETH cable, WiFi was refused -- this must be something with surveillance software, that the Roommate installed on his router to filter YT traffic his kids are watching). At the workshops I've met one of my workmates. When I was coming back to party place, I've suddenly remembered, that Elmyra asked me to buy a pack of cigs, and it is already too late... I was expecting the party to spin, but when I've arrived, it revealed, that everyone got to bed early. So had I.
I've finished reading my book, need another one.

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