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2018-03-19(12Mo) And again

[22:03] I've overslept in the morning, then prepared to leave really fast. It is freezing cold outside. Fusion kitchen for dinner: Spetzle with Chinese vegetable mix and red pesto. And I've prepared another batch of pickled lemons(different recipe).
Have a link [zOYX4D6z-kI]


2018-03-18(11Su) Lazy

[17:46] We've waken up as usual on Sunday, and generally did nothing important, having a rest, each one of us in own way. I've fought with LG suite software, that was refusing to connect to my phone, but finally, I somehow managed to make a backup, before I go to the City to put the thing to repair. For the time being I'm using my old XM5800 again. Surprising, how everything just works from first touch, without the need to add app or the like.Turning on BT headset works like plugging-in wired one: all audio and controls go through earpiece, while on Android I had this weird situation, when ringtone was played through BT and actual conversation was going through handset...

2018-03-17(11Sa) White Holidays

[23:50] I've waken-up somewhere around 0600CET, all full of energy and in good mood. We've prepared the muffins, and went to school to attend the Easter picnic. The event was not so popular this year -- I've counted merely only half of the crowd, that visited last year, but anyway, there was fun and I believe the Parents' Council collected significant amounts of money. After the part, Sister Student and her Not-A-Boyfriend left us to attend another family meeting, while we packed into car and went to visit our former Roommates. We've met with some old and some new friends there. But not all wnet as planned. We've returned home at about 2330CET.

2018-03-16(11Fr) Non-stop melanż

[23:59] Very nice morning, productive day at work. In the middle of the day it started to snow, and quite heavily. Right after I've returned home we've departed with little Eve to the City, to attend one birthday party (escape room at "Dom Zagadek"). When we've returned, Sister-Student with her not-a-boyfriend dropped in, and we've been having a drink and chit-chat, because we didn't meet since New Year, i believe.

2018-03-15(11Th) Dead End vs. Action Item

[21:00] Сегодня утром Маленькая Эва исправилась очень бистро. Мой день на роботе был удачном, но оказалось, что некоторые вещи задержат на неделю, две -- и окончатся действительно не в этом месяце.
За то вечером я познакомился с новой соседкой, которая наняла старую квартиру моих Roommates, и с её кошкой.

2018-03-14(11We) Stephen Hawking nie żyje

[22:40] Decimal Π day. Eve had a good morning today and did decently at school. Very productive day at work. Elmyra was shopping in the City. I've cooked pea soup with baked apples and baked potatoes -- tastes good.

2018-03-13(11Tu) Busy / nothing to report

[22:00] Eve was slow to get up, she also did pretty bad at school. Takikomi gohan for dinner.

2018-03-12(11Mo) Not so great but she'll be better

[20:45] Terrible headache in the morning, but I've spun-up through the day. Eve did pretty badly at school. Quick and dirty, but surprisingly tasty dinner.
Space bar in my laptop is broken.

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