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2018-07-17(29Tu) Entirely not right...

[22:30] So much happened today, but all these were just trivial things. I've worked from home, with some success. Elmyra took me shopping and we've bought some replacement items and tools. I've started the renovation season by replacing one of the kitchen luminaries to LED strip.
I need sleep.


2018-07-16(29Mo) Pack and move

[22:32] Today Elmyra took the Україна to ride to the station. I've also ridden my bike to work, but I was caught by the rain -- my shoe covers do not perform very well, and the water I've found in my shoes was not dripping by my calves through the opening of the bootleg, but leaked through the seams... Way to go, I need another pair.
Tomorrow they will be re-arranging furniture in our office, so since I;m about to move to the other room, I've packed my belongings, and tomorrow I'm working from home.
Fish and groats for dinner-- but I was not amused: Perch is not good for baking or steaming, it needs to be grilled or fried.

Што й па мору, мору сіняму
Там плавала стада белых лебядзей
Са малымі лебядзятамі.
Адкуль узяўся сіза-белы арол,
Разьбіў стаду ўсё па сіняму мору,
Белы пушок да па небейку пайшоў,
Сіза пер’е па зялёнаму лужку.
А хто ж гэта сіза пер’е сабярэ?
Зьбярэ пер’е красна дзевіца
Што й па мору, мору сіняму
Там плавала стада белых лебядзей

2018-07-15(28Su) The Match

[22:00] After late night rampage in kitchen, I've let myself sleep up to after 1020CET. All preserves did seal in their jars properly. The other invited guests dodged invitation for dinner, but Rommate's cousin dropped with his girlfriend. We've watched the game, have had dinner, played board games (alias) and the like. We've left home early. Whne I've opened my mail, I've learned, that I should have contacted people from Eve's school to pick up the video and photos, and that the person responsible will be out for three weeks.
New finding: [www.youtube.com/user/Laboratoriumpiesni]

2018-07-14(28Sa) Garden party, but not in garden

[23:59] We've waken up early but slowly and wit headache. After quick and dirty breakfast, we've made quick visit to grocery store and went on to meet the Roommates. Work in the garden was interrupted by rain every now and then, but lots of things were done. I've showed the Roommates, how to use their ladder. We've also picked all ripe apricots, which after four bottles of cider vanished, were turned into tasty apricot preserves: chutney and jam.
{3kg apricots, 1kg apples, 1kg onion, ½glass cider, ½glass vinegar, ¼glass mustard, bay leaves, allspice, 1pack curry powder, pepper, chilli.
chop onion and roast it on spoonful oil, at the same time boil bayleaves, apple peel, allspice and coriander in cider and vinegar, dice apricots, shred peeled apples, put to a pot the onion, then strand vinegar, mustard, curry, then put apples then apricots, simmer like regular jam until nice and smooth}{for apricot jam, use glass sugar per each kg of fruit, add add lemon zest to spice up; when using stiffener, read instructions carefully}

2018-07-13(28Fr) Szczęśliwa Trzynastka

[22:00] No rain in the morning, heavy storms through the day, relatively dry ride home. I've made time below 3000s. Elmyra's rear gear has arrived by mail, but I will install it first on Monday. invited us for weekend to have some fun in the garden -- therefore we needed to shop for groceries, and while I had Elmyra's attention for short time, we've purged all broken furniture lingering in garage (tomorrow town service will be collecting big trash).
=>Searching for a proposal, how to show Cyrillic script on sixteen-segment display, I've encountered this: [www.155la3.ru/electroluminescent.htm], look carefully for 8-segment one, this is awkward...
=>An idea to make big displays, with segments just of any shape, with EL foil:
×design Your display on 2-sided PWB, segments on one side, connections and switchgear on the other.
×make vias, for prototype can be even made with conductive pen, the resistance can be big, as we are talking about 200V and capacitive coupling
×take stock EL foil and gently separate the back (non-transparent) electrode
×put it on Your PWB, connect transparent front electrode to 200V 500Hz terminal and
remarks: proper clearances are needed, so there is no cross-talk or flashovers; also the PWB shall be thick enough, to not generate any excess capacitive coupling from switching circuitry, all vias shall be located within segment. One can use very thin KAPTON tape for dielectric, home-made glow ink for EL medium and cover with anti-static silver foil bag for translucent electrode. In fact the EL glowing ink seems to be the most challenge: One needs a furnace and kiln, that can do 200°C, and experiment with zinc sulfide, zinc sulfate, copper and chlorine dopants. Off-the-shelf phosphor is like 300$ per kg and sold only in 100kg increments. See also [www.fetchmodus.org/projects/el/]

2018-07-12(28Th) ELM327

[21:44] Elmyra overslept,and because it was raining, I've given her a lift to the station. Then I've decided to test my bicycle ear in rain. Results are a bit disappointing, as shoe covers leak.
At work, I've noticed, that EXCELL is not doing autosaves, moreover, it is not keeping history (versioning) even of files, where I manually set to keep history. Today I've effectively deleted an hour of work, because I've chosen wrong recovery version: I've looked briefly to the time field, and didn't notice, it had yesterday's date -- and all this because I've expected to have ten instances of Auto-Save, each done every fifteen minutes.
In the afternoon I've tried out the OBD2 dongle on my car, and scanned the DTCs. I've cleared all alarms, but if this particular error code will appear again, the camshaft may need adjustment in workshop.
My Firefox build is broken: most of the Java scripts lead to stack overflow and constant paging to the HD, this slows down rest of the system. I need to look deeper into that and find ultimate resolution (other than amputation).

2018-07-11(28We) Przestań być biedny!

[22:00] Today I couldn't rise in the morning again. But I have had quite good ride, even if the storm caught me just at company gates. Today was also quite dense at work, but half of the day I've spent on meetings.
I've tested ODBII dongle, will try to connect with computer later. More tidying at home, and something tasty for dinner.

2018-07-10(28Tu) Back on track

[22:30] Today had a dreadful morning: I was slow to get up, slow to prepare, I've also suddenly remembered about lots of things and decided to get on them at once -- thus I've left home first at 0715CET, then I was slow to ride to the office, but fortunately, I've waken up and my mood improved. Then I was stuck for most of the day with one task, doing other jobs in small chunk to just clear my mind. In the end, the day revealed to be quite productive.
I've also pushed forward some things at home: purchases, renovations, tidying up...

2018-07-09(28Mo) Sleep deprivation

[22:59] I didn't have enough rest. In the afternoon we've visited our former roommates.

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