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All time-stamps given in CET. Every coincidence with actual persons and/or situations is intended. This site may be considered as continuation of my own diary I was holding while in high-school. I used old mechanical typewriter to make notes on single pages clipped later in folder. WEB site is continuous media, so imagine this is like one roll of facsimile thermal paper put into typewriter and then covered with text and semi-graphics. All rights reserved.
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2018-08-15(33We) PLum day

[23:59] we've waken up quite early, prepared very quickly and we've been in Roommates garden just after 0900CET. Main topic for today were plums -- harves yielded some seventeen ponds of fruit, which were processed into chocolate spread. Recipe is a family secret.


2018-08-14(33Tu) Таска

[22:55] Little Eve misses us a lot, it seems, this weekend we'll go to the southern outpost to pick her up.
The bicycle runs far better, when the chain is greased and there is proper pressure in both tyres. Unfortunately, air of gloves fell off the pocket in my bag when I was riding.
Quite good day at work, wrapped up things before vacation. At home: Elmyra complained about WiFi not working on her phone. Poultry liver on toast for dinner.

2018-08-13(33Mo) Two day work week

[20:00] I've waken up early, meet with one of our neighbours, then I have had quite nice ride to the office. The day was quiet, no unexpected distractions, but still I didn't finish everything I planned to do. Elmyra was sitting late hours in her office, so I didn't cook any dinner.

2018-08-12(32Su) Party Time!

[20:00] I've let myself sleep in. Then I've read my book to the end. Then we've picked up more apples, that were torn by the wind in the night. And I've cooked summer squash leço for dinner, and after dinner we paid visit back to the neighbours, who visited us for the barbecue Yesterday. And we've player Party Time! board game.

2018-08-11(32Sa) Apple farm

[23:59] I've waken up early, in good mood, and I went to the town nearby to cut my hair, on my way back I've shopped for groceries, and then (after totally unorganized and chaotic packing) we've departed to the Roommates' place. So -- first thing, when I've sat on the terrace with cup of coffee in my hand, I saw one branch on the Chinese pear fell off -- with two buckets fruit still on it... The faith of the afternoon was already set: we'll process the pears and apples -- because we've come to the idea, that we should shake all apple trees from excess apples, so no more tree limbs breaks further.
And so it was: borrowed the juicer, I've asked my Mother-in-law, how to do the baked apple mash for apple pie -- and about hundred pounds of fruit was turned into something else.
After the sunset, we've made bonfire and barbecue, and Roommates' neighbours drop in (he is double-bass player at philharmonic orchestra, she studies in Sweden). And there was fun.

2018-08-10(32Fr) Wrapping up

[22:22] I've caught flat tyre again, but this time I've carefully examined all wheel components and found the cause: a tiny piece of wire.I've received the car from the workshop and bought the epoxy glue -- but in the evening we were so exhausted, that assembling the replacement for the bathroom sink we've postponed for later.
=> Professor Lidia Grychtołówna gave a piano recital at age 90.

2018-08-09(32Th) Big plans

[21:21] It was again quite hot in the night, but I've slept surprisingly well, even is somehow short. I've departed home earlier than I used to through last three weeks, and I have had quite good trip time, if one counts in the strong opposing wind. Very productive day at work. They called from the workshop, that the car is ready, but they were unable to buy one of the skirting battens -- now I'm on a quest to find one on scrap yard or through internet auction, but I can install it myself.
=> Today we have had a big plan to replace bathroom sink, therefore I've started with assembling the piece of furniture that supports it -- and there fail: the fasteners are so bad quality, that they can hold nothing, we need epoxy glue, and lots of it; visit to the hardware store is inevitable -- but WHEN: We have invitation for weekend...

2018-08-08(32We) Finally done

[22:21] I've waken up before my alarm, got quite good trip time, productive day at work and also I've checked one new route. Elmyra took day off and took the Wildcat to the City for entertainment, then they visited the Piglet, then again hit the City -- they returned quite late.
=> search for 'Kapela Maliszów"

2018-08-07(32Tu) Tight schedule

[22:55] We had to make one important visit in the morning, and because of that I've got late to work (just few minutes, but still). Day was slow, but not without some accomplishments. I've got my mail received, among other things there was the (finally!) proper wrench to unlock shock absorber caps. This weekend I'll take the Wildcat to assemble wardrobe in the basement, and after that I'll repair my bike's fork.
=> Speaking of the Wildcat: since she is here, I believe my day will convert rather to the night shift, going to bed late and wake up also not so early.
=> Elmyra got something with her kidneys again. It is getting worse.

2018-08-06(32Mo) Aimless

[20:30] It was nice morning, nice ride to the office, but then I don't know, what happened and the day was rather unproductive. And it has nothing to do with migration to Windows10 -- I am a showcase of how everything should go, no data lost, no errors -- although I needed to spend some time on adjusting settings for the UI, because defaults are not ergonomic (wasting screen space for borders and line spacings).
Tortilla wraps with roasted chicken for dinner.
=> Going to bed early.

2018-08-05(31Su) Just lazy

[22:00] The headache is gone, the throat inflammation also. I've rested through the night -- even though, that my Mother accidentally called me in the dead of the night (0430CET?), when she wanted to text my Father, who was returning to UK with night flight. At dawn there was a storm, it washed all the dust and made the air smell fresh. After breakfast and quick tidy-up at home, I went to the garage in attempt to repair my bicycle's shock absorbers -- but I've failed there, because damper caps are unable to be removed without special tool (no, using universal pipe clamp, as they do it on YouTube doesn't work, it works only for fork caps, that were repeatedly and quite often unscrewed for maintenance; mine are seized shut).I've taken chance, however, to disassembly everything else and wipe it clean. I've went for a ride, then cooked dinner. In the evening we've called little Eve, and she's all happy -- although starts to miss us, miss her friends and her places...

2018-08-04(31Sa) Money spending

[23:15] I've waken up, for sure. It was quite early as for Saturday, but we had to do a bit more, than just shopping (detail not important). Elmyra was all high strung out of that thing today. In fact, for every success there was one fail: we've bought replacement bathroom sink, but each and every shop in the City was out of fans. Our garage vacuum cleaner was repaired, but we've lost our way two times, when going to meeting point with our Brother-in-law. We've visited the Piglet, as planned, and spent there almost two hours, trying to entertain poor boy, I believe we've helped a bit, and not only with teaching him how to use cell phone. I've learned, where my Brothers-in-law live in the City. We've almost divorced, when placing order at Burger King, and my backpack was so much soaked in sweat, that it stenches from ten feet, and needs immediate washing. But then we were cool, and we have had nice and cozy evening.

2018-08-03(31Fr) {no title}

[22:33] Day was nice and boring. Front tube still leaks -- but I've replaced the fender. Too hot to cook.
Around 1800CET Facebook was down -- I wanted to show something to Elmyra, but there were only error messages.
Some mischief with my Wife's older sister's son and cell phones being not obsolete enough.

2018-08-02(31Th) 75th anniversary

[21:11] ...not so glorious one.
I've waken up in the morning in good mood, my bike had flat tyre in the morning, but it kept pressure when pumped up, so I've spared myself replacing the tube. Eventually, it got flat also in the afternoon, so I've disassembled the wheel, but couldn't find puncture, so I've put it together as it was and managed to ride home without flaw (sans maybe one driver, who didn't know how to behave on public road).
Cold buffet for dinner.
The Dumplings streaming live.
And I've conquered and vanquished the pile of laundry, and also things from the drawers. Tomorrow virtual zero will become actual zero.

2018-08-01(31We) W swoim życiu zgubiłem więcej rzeczy niż niektórzy w ogóle mieli

[21:04] No need to wake up early, but I was up 0620CET anyway. Working from home today: some things pushed forward, some things stalled. Still riding the high tide.
I was at the workshop and the initial quoting is higher, than expected. And I thought, I've lost my phone, but eventually found it.
Fried poultry liver on a toast for dinner, with well chilled cider.

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