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2021-01-01(00Пт) Ill, Sick to the back teeth

[23:04] I've waken up early, but didn't got up -- my head was on pain, bu throat sore, I guess I got cold. I dodged my running -- I took some anti-inflammatory pills and kept warm all day.
=> Little Helen in good mood, but other girls are high-strung, looks like PMS, I should ask.
=> I've entered all invoices into spreadsheet and started to make financial summary of the year 2020 -- we need to carefully plan our expenses for the time, when Elmyra is on maternity leave.
=> I miss only 2 points to earn Level 5 in Garmin.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się cudem wbić 10000 kroków;
Jestem dumny, że zająłem się Heleną;
Cieszę się z finansowego podsumoowania roku 2020.

2021-01-02(00Сб) Gówniana sprawa

[23:17] I've waken up early, and went running, then showered myself and went back to bed. After breakfast, when little Helen had her first day nap, I've ironed everything, that was in the drawers.
=> When I was cleaning cat litter, it clobbered in the WC, and I needed to disassemble the drain and purge it... Shit over shit -- but at least I've sealed it afterwards properly and we got rid of the leak.
=> We had pizza and cheese rings for dinner, then little one took her bath and when she has fallen asleep, I had my yoga practice.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się i pobieać i poćwiczyć jogę;
Jestem dumny, że nareperowałem kibel;
Cieszę się z tego, że maleństwo dzisiaj w dobrum humorze.

2021-01-03(00Вс) Pani Plamiasty

[23:55] Today I've run in the morning, but I recorded it as two separate activities to earn a badge -- but my plan failed, because I've mixed up the distances. When I returned home, it revealed, that Eve had night accident (detail not important).
=> I've called my Mum, because it is Sunday, and I have received a lecture, because it is my Father's birthday today and I totally forgot.
=> When little Helen had her nap after breakfast, I did the ironing, and vanquished it all. Then we all entertained ourselves individually. Improvised lunch: surimi salad with rice noodles. Little Helen got to bed in the evening shortly after 2030CET, so I could have full set of yoga -- but little one got up just after I finished, and all sorts of trouble started there... All in all, I was in bed shortly before midnight.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się powstrzymać od obżarstwa;
Jestem dumny, że wyzerowałem prasowanie;
Cieszę się z tego, że małe poszło wcześnie spać i dałem radę poćwiczyć.

2021-01-04(01Пн) Praca z domu

[22:42] I've been running in the morning, then shopped for groceries, then opened my work laptop and needed to fight to not to fall asleep reading through mail.
=> When my girls went for a walk to a shopping mall, I've attempted to mount the front panel to our new dishwasher. I also traced the notch to be carved in skirting batten (to make room for the door to open).
=> Noodles with Asian-style vegetable stew and pulled baked turkey breast for dinner. Elmyra complained about fried onion and garlic smell.
=> I was complaining yesterday, that my little cheating on Garmin badge points did not work, but I did considerable injustice there -- with today's evening practice I've earned Zen Master badge and crossed the limit for Level 5 -- which revealed to be top-level (no higher rating available, but badge points still count).

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się zamontować panel do zmywarki;
Jestem dumny, że rozładowałem konflikt zanimElmyrka się na dobre nakręciła;
Cieszę się z wbicia poziomu w Garmin.

2021-01-05(01Вт) Leje

[23:59] Я не бежал утром, потому что шёл дождь -- но не седел в кресле, тлолько гулял в подвале: насту.
=> OKok - I think, that forcing writting notes in Russian need to wait a bit. This thing caused me to procrastinate with translations and generated huge lags in publication. I think, that this year I will only put a sentence there and there, just to practice, and if note lays too long unwritten (2 days) -- than it got to be posted just like that, even if there are only bare highlights. And these shall always go in English.
=> Another stupidity of my bank: I've made a transfer to pay for home insurance, because I've bought insurance contract for three years, and I can't just send them transaction reference -- I need to scan and send full set of papers, as if it was all new one...
=> Little Helen liked clicking switches/ I wonder, whether she would like a fidget cube -- but then, fidget cubes have steel springs inside, and she likes to but things in her mouth,
=>Elmyra caught a cold, but even though, for a sick and exhausted person she did a lot of running around and shouting, mostly with anger. Yet, all the misunderstandings causing high emotion could -- and were -- explained, all the surplus energy was used by her to have a nice round workout. Her mood improved significantly.
=> Leftovers from yesterday for dinner. Helen didn't want to sleep in the evening.
=> It seems, I've missed some music last year:

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się wykonać rano aktywność fizyczną i zaliczyć kolejną odznakę;
Jestem dumny, że uporządkowałem bloga;
Cieszę się ze znalezienia nowej muzyki na internecie;

2021-01-06(01Ср) С Рождеством!

[23:50] Little Helen was a bit onerous last night, so I decided to stay a bit longer in bed today -- but I have had my one-hour run properly. After that I decided to upload my tidied-up blog section to web server, and noticed, that has fixed the FTP problem -- at least partially, I was able to use FileZilla, but not my quick bash scripts.
=> Little Helen likes natural yoghurt. She can eat whole 180g cup at once. And when she does, she gets a bit sleepy -- so I've got her on my belly when I was having a nap too in recliner chair.
=> blocked drains at Roommates' old flat, Helen puked when called, that their tenant needs the tool to unblock sewage pipes. I've found mine, went there, we've probed the drain, but didn't achieve much -- The Roommate will call plumber tomorrow.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się przespać popołudniu;
Jestem dumny, że pomogłem Михаилови z zatkanym zlewem;
Cieszę się, że UGU FTP znowu działa.

2021-01-07(01Чт) 0xF529A038

[23:55] I've ridden to work today. It was not raining, but it was for the good portion of the night, and road was all wet, paths muddy and ponds deep -- yet I, miraculously, managed to keep my shoes dry. My boss was not in the office today, which means I didn't receive my hands-on training on lab safety procedures. Which crosses a bit my plans, as I wanted to buy myself a pair of safety shoes this weekend, and I need information about requirements for all the bookkeeping voodoo needed to reimburse the payment to Company.
=> Eventually, today after work I went to hardware store and bought myself a chisel and electric socket with additional mounting eyelets. At home I've replaced broken socket and carved a notch in skirting batten. Washing machine can be opened and closed (almost) without collision.
=> New animated series: Owl House -- I tend to like it.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się zrobić zakupy w budowlanym;
Jestem dumny, że naprawiłem mebel pod zmywarką;
Cieszę się z odkrycia nowego serialu.

2021-01-08(01Пт) Alice!

[23:59] It was snowing in the morning, but it was not as cold as the weather forecast was scarily showing. On my way to work I've stopped at the grocery store to get something for lunch.
=> At work: ten brand new fluke meters and two oscilloscopes, on my way home shopping at LIDL (but only partial success).
=> Sister-Student arrived around 0800, we had spaghetti a la bolognese for dinner, made of minced turkey tights, Elmyra opened a bottle of Australian wine.
=> There was a video stream on, but I got late and in general I've postponed watching it. Girls decided to end the day shortly after midnight, I've only had a short nap, then couldn't sleep in the night -- was watching that Owl House, and I liked it a lot -- very cleverly written characters, perverse plot twists and cliffhanger ending of season one.
=> search for Улицкая, Людмила Евгеньевна

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się zrobić zakupy;
Jestem dumny, że nadrobiłem zaległe obowiązkowe szkolenia;
Cieszę się ze spotkania ze Szwagierką.

2021-01-09(01Сб) Alice, again

[23:59] I've fallen asleep around 0300CET, after finishing watching series, but I got up at 0600CET and have had my one-hour run, after which I took shower and went back under my blanket, up to 1100CET, when Helen woke up. We have had nice healthy breakfast, then have had lengthy chat -- just to exchange some thoughts and rumours. Leftovers from Yesterday for dinner, tapioca pudding with preserved apricots for a dessert. Around 2000CET Sister-Student needed to go -- it was a tough ride, as it was snowing, but she made it safely.
=> Helen didn't want to sleep. She still wasn't sleeping at around midnight, Elmyra wanted to leave her in bed, to just wait until she gets exhausted with crying and falls asleep -- but Helen just got gagged with mucus and puked. We needed to clean the bed and floor, wash the mattress etc.

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się wstać rano i pobiegać;
Jestem dumny, że obyło się bez nieporozumień;
Cieszę się z miło spędzonego dnia.

2021-01-10(01Вс) Walk me

[23:59] Yesterday my phone has fallen under the sofa, where Elmyra sleeps. Problem is, that an alarm clock rung at 0600CET, and to reach to it and turn off, we needed to lift up the entire sofa. This event caught me off balance and I decided to just go back to sleep instead of having my morning run. Instead, for a workout, I went for a walk with Helen in a sling in the early afternoon, while it was still daylight. The little one liked the view and the experience of the snow -- then she fell asleep.
=> Rice and vegetables for dinner, then I've decided to lay down for a nap at 1900CET, to prepare for possible interruptions in the night -- quite unnecessary, because little one went to bed at 2200CET, I managed even do a quick yoga practice before bedtime.

HerezjeOjcze nasz, którys jest w Niebie!
Dziękujemy za święte Twoje imię
Dziękujemy, że przychodzi królestwo Twoje
Dziękujemy, że staje się wola Twoja w Niebie jak i na Ziemi
Dziękujemy, że dajesz nam dzisiaj chleba naszego powszedniegi
I że odpuszczas nam winy nasze tak jak i my odpuszczamy naszym winowajcom
I ze nie wodzisz nas napokuszenie, ale zbawiasz nas ode Złego
bo Twoje jest królestwo i potęga i chwała na wieki

A dzisiaj:
Udało mi się odpocząć;
Jestem dumny, że zrobiłem obiad z niczego;
Cieszę się ze spaceru z Heleną.

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