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2018-01-01(01Mo) New life

[22:00] So many times at the breakthrough of the year I've heard a phrase: "New Year -- new life".

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Day was slow. The party dissolved around 0330CET, and we've slept up to 1300CET. I had terrible hangover. We've rested, had leftovers or dinner, then we went home. Eve needed to prepare to school, we needed to wash ourselves and tidy up our place. Nothing to report.

2018-01-02(01Tu) Fresh start

[19:20] I've waken up early, noticed, that it is a free day and went to sleep again, crawled from my bed first, when it was necessary to send Eve to the school -- and we decided, she'll go on her own -- although Elmyra said, I should go and spy on her, whether she does it right. I was reluctant, because we need to build trust between us, but eventually did as she said, unfortunately, she was right: little one was investigating each and every pond on her way, I needed to push her a bit. Beside that -- everything all right.
The car workshop was closed today, I'll give it a try Tomorrow. Instead, I've tidied up my drawer with various small gadgets, combining it with a bag of electro-trash acquired from The Roommates. Some pairs of headphones and mobile headsets in working condition, together with two Bluetooth gizmos, one of which I was able to make work (worn-off tactile switch, replacement part is like two bucks per fifty pieces on AliExpress). I've also did all the ironing, because I was curious, how is the Маринина book, I'm reading now, going to end -- yet, I've run out of laundry before I've run out of the book, so I still have like three chapters left, and the plot thickens...
I think, I might be riding my bicycle to work Tomorrow.

2018-01-03(01We) Soft start

[21:36] Ну чтож: сегодня утром я подвёз Эву в школу, за чем уехал на роботу. День удлинился, но был относительно продуктивным; даже если работа состояла в основном из ответа на просроченную электронную почту.
=> Advantages of my Wife being on compulsory vacation (the Institute is closed for whole week) is, that I can wander off after work not needing to pick up kid at school. So today I’ve allowed myself to entertain at the cinema with newest Star Wars release.
What can I say -- quality entertainment, but Polish translation is very bad, I needed to avoid looking on bottom of the screen to not catch up subtitles, sometimes it seemed, that these were quite another and totally different dialogues.
Przydała by się klawiatura z cyrylicą.

2018-01-04(01Th) Не повезло

[21:38] Про сегодняшний день я имел большие планы, но на планах и закончилось: где-то я не позвонил, там или занято, или нет термина, или »позвоните в понедельник, теперь не разбираюсь«... Гораздо лучше получилось Елмире в префектуре: Ей удалось достать удостоверение, которые необходимо для отмены договора страхования машины, которую сборщик лома взял ещё в начале декабря. Но всё остальное... Врать-ли в порядке. (detail not important only life important)

2018-01-05(01Fr) 宝血回

[22:02] So, some major rearrangements: Just by accident I needed to log-in to one of my mail accounts by WWW page, and I've been shoved a big and obvious banner up my face: is closing for business on March the first -- I was preparing to migration since some time, registered a domain et al, and now the time has come to just copy and redirect.
A bit more fuss will be with the cookbook, I need to manually edit and change all references to yield “”, might take some effort, not just copy files.
At the same time, my most liked eMail account is going to be closed, as the host decided to switch it off. This can be a problem, because (due to security and reliability of the service) I've connected that account with many vital services, like PayPal and school messaging hub.
=> Oil lense, “The Dune” like of: []

2018-01-06(01Sa) Wir sind umgezogen nach UGU

[23:00] Today I moved my authors portal away from Onet servers. Will see, how long this will work, before another crash. I've also reinstalled Ubuntu, although my settings are gone, same as some application data -- what hurts me most is the screen notepad, but I just need to figure out how to restore it, I have full backup of /home directory.

2018-01-07(01Su) Tidy up

[21:09] Sweeping clean after system upgrade was a bit more troublesome, than just copy and paste -- some of the applications were removed from distribution. I didn't touch yet all those requiring heavy source code tweaking before compilation, just basic working environment for sound and video processing, like AviDemux, so handy for just trimming lengthy recording without re-encoding.
We've totally missed on Friday, that it is a holiday on Saturday and every shop is closed -- so we needed to hunt for some groceries today.
=> Quick ride to buy something for dinner and tube of glue grew up to several hours of mindless dwelling around shopping mall.
=> FLTK developer kit installed. Fluid Tracker installed. XSoundtracler failed to resolve dependencies -- I need to manually edit source code to refer to more modern packages (gtk+-2.0 et al).

2018-01-08(02Mo) My mistake

[21:22] So, they said at the workshop to come on the eighth -- but February the eighth... I need my ride fixed before that. So, tomorrow it is definitely a bicycle trip to work, as I'm leaving the car at garage fist thing in the morning.
=> Tomorrow there is parent-teacher conference at Eve's school.
look, what I've found: []

2018-01-09(02Tu) Agenda Cycling Forth

[20:12] So, I've dropped Eve at school, then the car at the workshop, mounted my two-wheel demon and attempted to beat my life records -- with miserable result: trip time over one hour. Day at work was busy but satisfying. Meeting with the teacher also very positive. The car was repaired today evening, but I don't have any cash at home, so it needs to wait.

2018-01-10(02We) Sławku, a gdzie jest właściwie Judasz?

[21:56] It was a tad warmer (or better said: less freezing) this morning. I've ridden my bike to work, and my stats were again a bit lousy. I need to do something with my running nose.
After work I've picked up my car, repair was costly, but still within budget. Battery in remote key is flat.
=> When I was ridding through the forest, taking detour to other town, to attend an ATM to withdraw cash without additional fees, I've got an idea, how to implement easy way to enter Cyrillic letters in VIm: use mappings, but not phonetic or character shape based, but keyboard layout based. Switch key will be as usual the ` (back quote) character. Should be fun. Speaking of VIm -- note to oneself, that :set encoding= is not the same as :set fileencoding=, and all sorts of funny behaviour can root of that.
=> And yes (for those, who didn't comprehend with the title) I've watched G.F.Darwin's God vs. Satan, and I liked it.

2018-01-11(02Th) no more

[21:27] Bicycle statistics today even worse than yesterday, but this time it felt good and I didn't run out of stamina. I've been experiencing, however, terrible challenges with concentration and focus, both at work and at home.
On my way back I've caught flat tyre -- or better said, the tube almost exploded. When I was replacing punctured tube, I've noticed, that rim of rear wheel is totally sanded down, up to the point, where it starts to fall apart. No riding tomorrow, it seems, until I totally refurbish my bike.
=> Zero-width pattern matching explained: []

2018-01-12(02Fr) ?

[23:00] I dared not to ride my bike to work, as the rear rim could break just any moment. Little Eve had last day at school before Winter vacations.

2018-01-13(02Sa) Home alone

[22:00] Мы проснулись поздно, но нам никуда не спешилось. После завтрака мои девочки уехали в Город за покупками, а я пошёл в соседний городок исправить причёску. В парикмахерской не было очереди, поэтому я справился с этом немедленно, и скоро вернулся домой, где занялся стиркой. В это время я »читал« Маринину (том Чужая маска).
Элмыра и Эва вернулись в половину восьмого вечера, неся тяжёлые сумки. Моя Жена сказала, что наша дочь вела себя очень прилично.
=> Yes, I've applied that Cyrillic stickers to my laptop keyboard. Writing Russian became much easier. I've also modified the compose/substitution maps, so I can put single words or short sentences without switching to another keyboard layout. Funny thing: my Ubuntu distribution seems to not have a Windows-style Russian keyboard, where period and comma are on the key between Ю and right shift. I need to get used to 'typewriter style' layout where period is [shift]+[7] and comma [shift]+[6].

2018-01-14(02Su) Winter vacation

[18:38] We've slept in late, then did nothing. Resting and entertaining ourselves.

2018-01-15(03Mo) 365 Challenge!

[22:00] I hereby attempt to write min. 700 words (3kB) of story every day, taking max. 14 vacation days, until January the fifteenth 2019. I’m also going serious with re-learning Russian. This is to fight permanent prescience of fail. I can’t stand it.

2018-01-16(03Tu) Słabo chociaż bywa lepiej

[23:00] It was snowing whole day. Seven hundred words revealed to be quite a limit, not so easy to write, when everyone interrupts. Strange thing: just exactly, when I invent a passage to a story, my Wife finds it amusing to start conversation.

2018-01-17(03We) Adapt Adopt Improve

[23:13] It is third day and already corrective action needed in my Project365: I need to set rigid time frame, when I will be not disturbed. Managing distractions was easy, more difficult to handle is, that my circadian intellectual peak falls exactly in the same time of the day, when Elmyra is eager to socialize. I also think, that once a week I need a day, when I will be not doing writing, but only proof-reading, editing and putting down concept.
=> When I returned home after work, we all went to neighbouring town to file a complaint in shoe shop. There was much traffic, we were about to come home late, so this was opportunity to eat out.
=> Marks and Spencer internet warehouse is shipping only to the countries, where they have stationary shops. This is stupid. And eBay resellers do not have everything from the catalogue...

2018-01-18(03Th) Not so great, but she'll be better

[20:20] Today morning I've allowed myself to sleep-in (yes, whole twenty minutes), but even though, I was all distracted: I've taken a box with waste paper to dispose it, but then forgot it on the parking lot. Pizza lunch at work. Noodles with spinach for dinner. We've restored Elmyra's old skates, and they it Eve just fine -- This year she wants to learn to skate.
=> One of Elmyra's parcel's from AliExpress has been stolen at the post office: it is marked in the system as "delivered" while we were out of town at that day.

2018-01-19(03Fr) Dunno

[22:27] The sow in the morning was not so bad -- I've left home early enough to drive before the traffic jams. One of my co-workers was hit by manoeuvring truck at the parking lot at our office: one window broken.
=> No idea for dinner.
We packed little Eve for a ride to the grandmother.

2018-01-20(03Sa) Hin

[23:20] We've argued over departure time, but managed to get there in one piece. Not so much traffic. We've met at my Grandmother's place to celebrate the Grandmother's and Grandfather's Day, then my brother in law and I fixed my Mother's car and we all moved to my Mother's place. Board games and gossip exchange through the evening.

2018-01-21(03Su) Zurück

[21:30] We've waken up early, but were slow to prepare. Some mischief with setting correct appointment time -- I wanted to visit the other grandmother, and wanted to go there together with my sister, but at the same time Elmyra wanted to be home early -- all in all, it seems I've dragged my sister out of bed two hours earlier, than she would like to. The other celebration also ended in success. On our way home we have had one of that serious conversations, and just before we arrived home, we've dropped with a visit to the Roommates in their new home. They were positively surprised to see us.
Now, TV evening, we shall have some proper sleep.

2018-01-22(04Mo) How to dropbox?

[20:30] Я приехал в бюро слишком рано, вспомнил, что у меня нет ключи, но дверь была уже открыто.
После роботы, по дороге домой, я остановился ненадолго в магазине.
Элмыра сегодня в гораздо лучшем настроении, чем за последние три дня.

2018-01-23(04Tu) Request for transport

[20:30] Утром я не с разу поехал в бюро, перед том я повёз Элмыру на роботу, поэтому что ей нужно было нести с собой восемнадцать бутылок минеральной воды.
Очень приличный день, почти всё получилось.

2018-01-24(04We) Dark clouds

[22:00] So, things are to be awkward: While at work I'm on track, then at home I'm facing some unpredictable circumstances. For example: I need to move from the basement a bit sooner, than I'd like to, and I couldn't buy a bus ticket online to bring back Eve from my Mother's place. I wonder, how to tackle with that.

2018-01-25(04Th) Square cleared

[20:05] I've slept well this night, which resulted in very nice day at work. Today also there were no problems with online purchase of bus tickets. After my shift I've dropped with a visit to the mall and bought some furniture for our basement, I've also ordered dinner to take away, so when I came home we just have eaten and got again at moving our stuff from one basement to another. We planned to work only a bit, but in the end moved ALL the stuff -- tomorrow we'll assembly the additional shelves and tidy-up and order, removing all the redundant, obsolete and useless stuff. But that all in the afternoon, before that I need to attend one city-hall office and one uncle... Detail not important.


[23:59] My day started badly, I have had headache, kept forgetting about everything, but even if in pains, I've accomplished, what was planned. Both visits were rather fruitful, I've also finished clearing the basement, did some small repairs, checked on corporate mail (and found out, the thing I waited for, did not arrive yet) et all. And I've managed to have some sleep before my night ride. Speaking of which: I've left home just in time: when I've arrived at bus stop and bought a ticket in vending kiosk, the bus only arrived, so no waiting. When I was waiting for a change from commuter shuttle to cruise bus, I was reading a book.

2018-01-27(04Sa) Quiet criuse

[22:00] I've had comfortable seat, used some sleep -- although I was very curious, how does the book end. The bus was some minutes late, but I have had more than hour waiting time to another change. At least this time I was prepared and had with me some coins for the automated toilet. I've arrived at my Mother's home just a bit after 0730CET. Just in time to have some sleep. I've waken just in time for breakfast. Day was slow, we've made some deep-fried pastry, pumpkin bread, spinach and cheese filled poultry rolls for dinner. I've been writing again: I've used BT keyboard and VimTouch for android. Rather crude setup, but it worked.
film trzynasta dzielnica

2018-01-28(04Su) All the way back

[22:00] Everything according to the plan: we've waken up early enough to prepare without unnecessary rush, have had healthy and copious breakfast and packed our trunks: Eve's, mine and my Niece's, together with all the goodies my Mother intended to give to my grandmother. The car worked (none of this flat battery rubbish we had last time) and we were at bus station on time. Not so many people onboard, I thought, there will be a surge of kids returning to the City from winter vacation -- but no: even less passengers, than on my ride the other way on Friday night. Not much waiting for the commuter bus, when we arrived. Some unpleasant situation, when ticket controllers caught one Ukraïnian with (oh really?) not valid ticket. I believe, they bent law a bit.
Elmyra was happy to see us, but she run out of happiness pretty quickly. We all went to be early.

2018-01-29(05Mo) First day

[22:30] Eve has waken up early and prepared herself quickly, so there was some spare time in the morning. Day at work quite good. Steamed vegetables and meat rolls for dinner.

2018-01-30(05Tu) All the way

[22:30] Quite good turnaround time in the morning. Strong wind. Quite good day at work. In the afternoon my girls were preparing costume for schools party, while I've written a chunk of story, weighting over three thousand words.

2018-01-31(05We) que

[21:40] I was late at school, and didn't take any photos of Eve in her costume.

2018-02-01(05Th) Eternal Trial Period

[22:00] It was raining. Elmyra needed a lift to the station, because she was late again. I've driven the car to technical check-up (funny story with a light bulb). Quite bad mood at work. And one old workmate is with us again.
Improvised dinner, fried chicken with steamed vegetables. And I'm running out of my vitamin pills.

2018-02-02(05Fr) I hate you, RODO

[23:59] I’m running in circles, I need a drink. Today morning I've just forgot to stop at the school to let out Eve.
STAT24 is closing for business. UGU is injecting advertisement into google verification file.
Today's afternoon spent on shopping. Eat out. Early go to bed, as we have two invitations for Tomorrow.

2018-02-03(05Sa) Grand day out

[23:30] Today started ugly, but ended well. I've couldn't sleep in the night, I've crawled from my bed too early. We have had nice breakfast, but Elmyra didn't sleep well too, and we were like two landmines in tumble drier... We went with our friend to the swimming pool, where it was her to ignite first. Some serious talk on our way back, then rather nice afternoon and evening at Roommates' home, quick visit with Eve at the tailors' (detail not important) and mindlessly silly feature film or the end of the day. Serious talk was continued, when we were back at home. Now with some results.

2018-02-04(05Su) Chill out

[21:05] My sleep was quite short, but I've fully regenerated. We did have just quiet internal day, spent on trivial activities. I've attacked pile of laundry with iron, and defeated it flawlessly. Elmyra also did some of the ever-postponed chores. Eve's friend dropped with a visit and then they went to play outside (there was some misunderstanding as to which comes first: the sunset or 1730CET, but we've resolved it).

2018-02-05(06Mo) Uphill and against wind

[22:31] I couldn't sleep in the night again. And this couldn't have been made any useful, because Company network was down (not all services, though). Eve has woken up nicely and without complaints, there was not much traffic. At the office, it revealed, that the production system I was trying to enter on weekend, was down also for internal access up to about 1000CET.
Eve misbehaved a bit at school.
I expected tough times sending Elmyra to the psychology workshops, but she agreed anyway. Unfortunately, the event took too long.

2018-02-06(06Tu) Sat, 21 Mesha 217, middle of Martian summer

[21:14] Эва сердилась на меня сегодня утром, поэтому, что я запретил ей брать планшет на школьную экскурсию. Но на конец мы как-то согласились.
На роботе без аварии. После роботы прогулка в магазин. Обед из микроволновой печи.

2018-02-07(06We) Falcon heavy

[20:48] Глупые журналисты, копируют ложь и бред друг от друга: Фалкон-Хэви это самая большая ракета, но только из ракет серии Фалкон, произведенных в компании Элона Муска. Самая большая ракета на всей земле, это всё ещё Сатурн V: Рекорд по самой большой взлетной массе и самому большому доставленному на орбиту грузу не был ещё избит.
Утром Эва так злилась на меня, почти не поплакалась. Всё из того, что она хотела есть что-то другое в школе, чем бутерброды с паштетом -- но потом, когда мы встречали после роботы, она согласилась, что они были очень вкусные.
»Пашковианку« будут снова проектировать, восьмой раз.

2018-02-08(06Th) Mięsopust

[21:23] Элмыра остановила свой сотовый телефон дома, но думала, что его потеряла.
На работе собрание затянулось, и я почти пропустил бесплатные пончики -- жалко было бы, поэтому, что были превосходные.
Вечером мы только поели и поленились.

2018-02-09(06Fr) Winter games

[21:33] Ну ладно: сегодня начались зимние олимпийские игры, я пропустил церемонию начала; при том грустно замечаю, что это событие не вызывает таких эмоций, как раньше.
=> Quiet day at work, Tortilla wraps for dinner. I've written another thousand words of story.

2018-02-10(06Sa) Strange thoughts

[21:00] Day wasted in shopping mall.

2018-02-11(06Su) Oznaki wiosny

[22:00] leszczyna kwitnie choć jeszcze popielca nie było.

2018-02-12(07Mo) BV

[22:11] nothing to report. Our cat scratched Elmyra painully at the moment, when she wanted to have a witty reply, so now she is all mad at me.

2018-02-13(07Tu) Мешал спать ночью

[22:17] Сегодня Эва приготовилась в школу слишком быстро, но я не смог добраться в бюро раньше, чем обычно, из-за пробок.
Серьёзные разговоры ночью -- но самые важные, даже не были бесполезны и дали эффект. detail not important, only life important

2018-02-14(07We) Howto

[22:00] I think, I've lost somewhere that BT headset, I've salvaged from trash. Easy come easy go.
Eve had quite nice day today.
We've went to bed pretty early.

2018-02-15(07Th) Nie żyje wielki polski reżyser

[20:46] Leszek Gałysz. (Pomysłowy Dobromir, O dwóch takich co ukradli księżyc etc).

2018-02-16(07Fr) -=≡=-

[23:05] Я думал, что я потерял эту гарнитуру блутуз, но сегодня утром наш кот Шатан нашёл её и принёс мне.
На ужин: крупа и овощи на пару.
=> Сегодня начинается Китайский Новый Год (или как они его зовут: Праздник Весны); по китайском зодиаке, этот год назван Ян-Земная-Собака (陽土戌)

2018-02-17(07Sa) Zajęcia w podgrupach

[23:24] Not all went as planned. I've tidied the house, while girls were with a visit, but didn't finish all planned tasks. I've cleaned mold growing inside the Танк, dusted and washed floors, did the laundry -- yet I didn't finish that thing for work.

2018-02-18(07Su) Not quite lazy

[22:00] Because yesterday prolonged beyond schedule, I needed to do the grocery shopping today. I've been to the meeting, I've cooked nice dinner (and tomorrow's dinner too), then Eve was preparing to the math test -- or at least that was the plan, but she did everything else, so we didn't let her go until heap of exemplary tests was reduced to zero.

2018-02-19(08Mo) [empty]

[21:18] Trying out new scripts. Lentil soup for dinner.

2018-02-20(08Tu) [empty]

[21:18] Elmyra was slow to prepare in the morning and needed a lift to the station. In the afternoon, I've learned, that Eve did excellent on the math test on Monday.

2018-02-21(08We) Forgot

[22:30] Quite good morning, slow day at work, meeting at the church... Nothing to report.

2018-02-22(08Th) All bad things

[21:21] The Танк is gone, taken by scrap mongers. Some funny stories with that (I was caught inside, when central lock got crazy, our neighbour forgot her purse et al). I needed to visit Eve's school, so I've got late to work, and then was late home -- Elmyra didn't like that, also that I've left unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink exactly today, when she was about to cook something tasty. But anyway: the dinner was delicious.
The Wildcat was in trouble -- hard disk in her laptop started to act funny, I've advised to backup all data and buy new one, before any crash.

2018-02-23(08Fr) Freeze!

[22:20] Я проснулся в четыре ночи и не мог заснуть; было холодно и Элмира храпела. Маленькая Эва медленно вставала, но быстро готовилась. Даже медленно шло сегодня всё на роботе. У Элмиры очень сильная мотивация к тренировке. Вкусный ужин, приготовленный всеми и съеденный всеми.

2018-02-24(08Sa) Grand day out

[22:49] Мы проснулись рано -- слишком рано. Весь день прошёл на поездке с одного торжественного центра в другой, с недолгом перерывом в покупке для встречи с Сестрой-Студенткой (и позднего обеда).

2018-02-25(08Su) Grand day in

[22:23] В отличе от вчерашнего дня, сегодня мы проснулись поздно, но (несмотря на незначительные детали) в отличном настроение. Потом Сестра-Студент послала мне на FB, что её скучно, потому что её подруга, с которой она собиралась встретится, позвонила, что не придёт, потому что у неё ужасное похмелье...
{rolldogs for dinner}

2018-02-26(09Mo) Учусь Олбанский и PHP

[21:55] Strange day: cold, but I remember worse winters, not so long ago.
If You want something done, do it yourself.
Radiator fan in C4 was stuck in ON position, despite it was freezing cold. After some percussive maintenance, the malfunction ceased, but I wonder, whether it will show up again.
New mental exercise as homework from Parenting Workshops.
I've just tried my first inline PHP code, and it was not 'hello World' program, but HTML link generation using $_GET data.

2018-02-27(09Tu) Barely alive

[21:31] Air temperature in the morning was refreshing minus eighteen centigrade. I've helped neighbour to start his car. Today I kept forgetting everything, at least at work some things wet up to the plan. I've scratched the car (one of the skirting battens fell off).

2018-02-28(09We) Check spelling

[21:01] Minor quarrel in the morning, but Elmyra (unknowingly) hit my nerve, and it left me a bit distracted for the first half of the day.
I've experimented with PHP a bit, and started a major review of blog archive for 2017.
baked squash for dinner.

2018-03-01(09Th) Feel down

[22:01] Freezing cold again. TW64 band fixed itself after being left unused for a week: the corrupted data chunk was pushed away from queue, and now it works good as new.
I've tried to break insurance contract using online service, but interface was broken.

2018-03-02(09Fr) Od Annasza do Kajfasza

[21:00] Today I've taken day off to close-up all lagging official matters, at the bank, at the city hall, at the doctors' and in school. I didn't need to hurry (all the above listed open for business first at 0800CET), so I've let Eve sleep in. First to hit was the school, where I've signed one important agreement, then I've visited Department o Communication in County Hall, which went rather smooth, because there were not so many people in the queue. Then I went to yet another town nearby to pick-up a parcel, and from there I've travelled with train to the City to get it straight with the bank. While onboard, I've recorded the view through a window, to document, how is rail renovation progressing. (the bicycle camera has no viewfinder, so it revealed later my aim was not quite good). When I've returned home, I've ironed the laundry, because the pile was inducing depression on me -- another count for success, as only few pieces are left now. In the evening we've went to bed early.

2018-03-03(09Sa) money spending holiday

[23:15] I've waken up in the dead of the night, somewhere around 0430CET, with headache, which originated from sinuses. Unfortunately, I've also waken up Elmyra, she was of course not amused... I've taken some anti-inflammatory pills and found myself warm spot on living room sofa. Warming up and painkiller helped to have some proper sleep, so we all started the day shortly after 0800CET.
=> My girls went to shopping mall, while I took our cat to the vet, then washed floors, then took care of small repairs, and generally I was enjoying clearing the task list and seeing mostly positive results of my effort.
=> When it stared getting dark, I've went to a town nearby to shop for groceries, then after unloading, I've driven to the CIty to pick-up my girls. All exhausted but in excellent moods.

2018-03-04(09Su) Staying at home

[19:16] I was cold in the night, while Elmyra was totally reverse, we should switch blankets.
After breakfast I've called my family, one by one, attended with Eve the noon service at our church, after which we have had small stroll through our town's park, and then we've indulged in laziness.
=> I'm fighting with Facebook engine or creating WEB follow/like buttons, but with poor result. It went good for the CookBook, but not so well for the other page.

2018-03-05(10Mo) Thaw

[20:04] It is a tad warmer, clearly one can feel the spring. Today I've met with Eve's teacher,and learned some news -- little Eve needs a bit more tight control now.
I've experimented with custom search engine, and found out, my site is not indexed by Google.

2018-03-06(10Tu) Rain

[20:34] Little Eve becomes rather picky lately. Also, we keep being late with the morning routine. Very nice day at work. I've also washed the car.
=> DISQUS was down for several hours today.

2018-03-07(10We) Раз -- случае, дважды -- стечение обстоятельств... Но три...

[22:00] It was a good day today. Little Eve still has problems with adhering to the rules at school, but it tends to be better. I'm trying various method of automated video concatenation, nothing seems to work for me. Tomorrow I maybe upload something to YouTube.

2018-03-08(10Th) Dies Patronem: Beata

[22:03] Хороший день: бесплатная пицца на обед, только небольшое движение на дорогах, но и сегодня я наконец отремонтировал велосипед, в котором обод заднего колеса сломался ещё в январе.

2018-03-09(10Fr) Corporate idiots

[21:09] Orange Poland has the worst customer service ever. Their online service is plain stupid, registration process is dumb, moreover: I don't know why but spaces are not allowed in passwords -- this makes easier to compose rainbow tables for attack.
=> Fancy dinner out of leftovers with potatoes.

2018-03-10(10Sa) Time spent together

[21:40] We have had healthy breakfast, we went shopping, we've visited our ISP to learn something about our ADSL line and how to tweak the contract (unfortunately, we couldn't finalize, because they run out of promotional modems). We've also have had lunch out.
=> In the afternoon I've mounted the Україна and took Eve for a ride: we wanted to go the path along the ails to the other town, but the ground was all wet and too soft to ride there. Not with this bicycle, not with road tyres, not with Eve on the back rack. We've returned just at the beginning of the terrain part, and instead we've headed to our town's park. Eve was socializing with other kids, while I tried, how does the Dropbox support in VimTouch work -- written some 300+ words of short story (or better said: episode). Replication and offline editing went just fine. Cold buffet for dinner.

2018-03-11(10Su) Ill

[21:41] Day stared nicely, but it quickly got sour: bot my girls were suffering some gastric problems. I was at church with Eve, then I let her play outside. Indian style chickpea soup for dinner. And then a terrible headache hit me.

2018-03-12(11Mo) Not so great but she'll be better

[20:45] Terrible headache in the morning, but I've spun-up through the day. Eve did pretty badly at school. Quick and dirty, but surprisingly tasty dinner.
Space bar in my laptop is broken.

2018-03-13(11Tu) Busy / nothing to report

[22:00] Eve was slow to get up, she also did pretty bad at school. Takikomi gohan for dinner.

2018-03-14(11We) Stephen Hawking nie żyje

[22:40] Decimal π day. Eve had a good morning today and did decently at school. Very productive day at work. Elmyra was shopping in the City. I've cooked pea soup with baked apples and baked potatoes -- tastes good.

2018-03-15(11Th) Dead End vs. Action Item

[21:00] Сегодня утром Маленькая Эва исправилась очень бистро. Мой день на роботе был удачном, но оказалось, что некоторые вещи задержат на неделю, две -- и окончатся действительно не в этом месяце.
За то вечером я познакомился с новой соседкой, которая наняла старую квартиру моих Roommates, и с её кошкой.

2018-03-16(11Fr) Non-stop melanż

[23:59] Very nice morning, productive day at work. In the middle of the day it started to snow, and quite heavily. Right after I've returned home we've departed with little Eve to the City, to attend one birthday party (escape room at "Dom Zagadek"). When we've returned, Sister-Student with her not-a-boyfriend dropped in, and we've been having a drink and chit-chat, because we didn't meet since New Year, I believe.

2018-03-17(11Sa) White Holidays

[23:50] I've waken-up somewhere around 0600CET, all full of energy and in good mood. We've prepared the muffins, and went to school to attend the Easter picnic. The event was not so popular this year -- I've counted merely only half of the crowd, that visited last year, but anyway, there was fun and I believe the Parents' Council collected significant amounts of money. After the party, Sister Student and her Not-A-Boyfriend left us to attend another family meeting, while we packed into car and went to visit our former Roommates. We've met with some old and some new friends there. But not all went as planned. We've returned home at about 2330CET.

2018-03-18(11Su) Lazy

[17:46] We've waken up as usual on Sunday, and generally did nothing important, having a rest, each one of us in own way. I've fought with LG suite software, that was refusing to connect to my phone, but finally, I somehow managed to make a backup, before I go to the City to put the thing to repair. For the time being I'm using my old XM5800 again. Surprising, how everything just works from first touch, without the need to add app or the like .Turning on BT headset works like plugging-in wired one: all audio and controls go through earpiece, while on Android I had this weird situation, when ringtone was played through BT and actual conversation was going through handset...

2018-03-19(12Mo) And again

[22:03] I've overslept in the morning, then prepared to leave really fast. It is freezing cold outside. Fusion kitchen for dinner: Spetzle with Chinese vegetable mix and red pesto. And I've prepared another batch of pickled lemons (different recipe).
Have a link [zOYX4D6z-kI]

2018-03-20(12Tu) Spring day!

[23:00] So, today at 1715CET (1615UTC), with vernal equinox, officially the Spring begun. We've received our bicycles from the workshop, all as new. Taco shells for dinner.

2018-03-21(12We) Defuse Anger

[22:22] Good turnaround time in the morning, nice day at work, evening spent on psychology workshops. I've learned a lot.

2018-03-22(12Th) All the bad things

[21:19] Nice morning. At work it revealed, my idea was good from the very beginning -- if only I have started a week ago.
Quick sopping on my way home.Student soup for dinner.

2018-03-23(12Fr) Dupa chui

[23:17] Slow morning, dense traffic, free lunch at work, evening spent on shopping. Some strange thoughts, only part of it written.

2018-03-24(12Sa) Суббота, именины кота

[22:20] Сегодня утром мы проснулись не очень рано, уже было почти восемь часов. Сразу после завтрака мы все занялись стиркой, уборкой и порядками. В перерывах, я сделал целый килограмм арахисовой пасты, поставил кириллические наклейки на беспроводной клавиатуре, а даже разговаривал по телефону с моей матерю, от которой я узнал, что одна из моих золовок (жена моего двоюродного брата, сына моего крестного отца) родила на этой неделе дочь. Мы не могли позвонить, никто не поднимал трубки -- мы передали поздравления по электронной почте.
Остатки на обед. А потом я начал гладить белье -- но быстро покончил.

2018-03-25(12Su) Вербное воскресенье

[21:26] First serious use of bicycle after repair, but I'll ride to the office first after Easters.
We've received Eve's dress from tailors'. We've also made greeting cards.

2018-03-26(13Mo) What could go wrong?

[20:42] Elmyra overslept and needed a lift to the station. Eve woke up without problems. I was at Company gates quite early, and in fact my day at work was quite successful. And then Elmyra called with the news about Eve at school -- and the mood was spoiled. We have had one of these serious conversations again. We are cool now, but Eve's teacher asked for a meeting. With both of us.

2018-03-27(13Tu) Salzkartoffeln

[21:35] Work shmork peasant sport. Potatoes á la too-much for dinner. Eve was better, that Yesterday, but still below threshold. And Elmyra is more and more sick. Eats too much garlic and stinks. Sick sock.
=> I think, that Native and Amiga sections of my author's portal need major refurbishment.

2018-03-28(13We) Akcja komunikacja

[22:43] Kanał-Kod-Komunikat-Kontekst

2018-03-29(13Th) All nervous

[22:11] Preparations to the journey. One important parcel stuck at the post office (tracking lost). Elmyra is high strung and easily bursts with anger.

2018-03-30(13Fr) Mamnato wyje bane

[23:59] I've overslept my alarm clock, but on the plus side, I've slept well and I was in good mood. We've departed around 1000CET and ride as like six hours long. The Wildcat was happy to see us, in fact, I've spent whole evening having chit-chat with her in far room of the house.
Funny stories about registered [manifa].

2018-03-31(13Sa) Revision!

[23:59] This year I'm having so good time, that I'm not watching the sofasceners' stream live. Maybe I'll watch 64k compo. Or maybe not. I was watching rather how Wildcat plays League of Legends, then we've tried to play board games, but eventually we ended in one deadly quarrel with other family members, not playing the game... Rants about Polish railways, politics and system of education.

2018-04-01(13Su) Album of the Year 2017

[23:59] And the winner is: Bass Astral x Igo "Discobolous"
I didn't wake up at 0500CET to attend Resurrection service. I've got late for the other mass. Rants about used cars.

2018-04-02(14Mo) Hangover

[23:59] It was snowing in the night. Youngest niece destroyed one of Wildcat's toys, despite the fact, that we've warned her mother, that this one is very delicate, and took lots of time and effort to make.
A visit to the country side, the great grandmother seems to be in good shape.

2018-04-03(14Tu) Go back

[23:59] We've departed too late, but the ride was quite good. I've miscounted days and need to pay more for cat's hotel. I've visited Sister-Student's new address.

2018-04-04(14We) First

[20:00] I've overslept, there was much traffic on the way and I've got very late to work. I was very distracted today. Cold buffet for dinner. Eve spent whole afternoon and good part of evening playing outside. They started renovations in the tunnel beneath rails, so tomorrow I'll ride my bike to work.

2018-04-05(14Th) Another first

[22:41] Today I've ridden my bike to work. Quite decent trip time, considering eight weeks break and five kilos more. Elmyra was at the dentist, Little Eve was playing outside, then had guest. The weather was almost perfect.

2018-04-06(14Fr) Не мешайте палачу

[23:31] Emergency leave to attend two important meetings. I've found, it is easier to stack all these things up on one day and just take one day off at the office to do personal business. Inbetween, I was visiting some forgotten corners in the City, mostly as research for my writings -- how long does it take to walk from one place to another, what can be seen from certain viewpoints etc. My girls were elsewhere, piercing Eves ears. We've met at the shopping mall at late hours, to have some dinner and go home together.

2018-04-07(14Sa) Sorting out

[22:15] I've slept badly. I was waken up in the morning too early to my taste, in very bad mood, all picky and aggressive. Around 1100CET we've went to meet with our former Roommates, to active spend our weekend: we've helped to make order with their garage (which was now used as additional storage space for some less frequently used stuff, left there after they moved in in December last year). The we have had dinner together and played board games. Kids were having fun with neighbours. We've returned home late, so, despite I've decided to watch a film, I've just fall asleep.

2018-04-08(14Su) Perfect Sunday

[20:43] I've slept in late. The weather was perfect, so we've kicked out little Eve to play outside all day. Butternut squash casserole for dinner, but I've cooked also whole pot of lentil soup for tomorrow. Elmyra, on the other hand, made today a laundry day, processing almost all through washing machine -- upcoming week will be full of ironing.

2018-04-09(15Mo) Quarter chase

[21:11] My back is all sore, I've slept funny. Slow day at work, I had terrible challenge with getting focused. Eve did quite well at school, though we've argued about doing homework -- but we came to some reason, and I've let her play outside, especially that after tomorrow the weather is about to break.
Elmyra wanted me to wash windows, but I didn't touch that. I also didn't touch ironing.
I believe, pickled lemons are ready.

2018-04-10(15Tu) Ostátnie szpílki Piés mi zjádł!

[21:28] Good turnaround time in the morning, trip time better then yesterday. In the Office air temperature reached over plus thirty three Centigrade, barely anything could be done. I've played a bit with Panasonic Toughpad, and I think, I will buy something like this for Eve, or a Toughbook -- used Win10 items with 4GiB RAM can be found for around €100,- up to €200,- and we can afford it.
At home: Cooking, window washing... I've opened the jar with pickled lemon, and the taste is good. I've added some to salad, and marinated chicken for tomorrow's dinner. Will see, what it's worth.

2018-04-11(15We) ple

[22:40] There was a storm in he nigh. Little Eve was slow to prepare in the morning, there was strong opposing wind, so my trip time wasn't spectacular (although I've broke a record on my way back home). Day at work was barely bearable, as it was again quite hot in the office.
Takikomi gohan for dinner, with chicken breasts stewed with pickled lemon and grilled onion -- quite tasty thing. In the evening I was attending parenting workshops, my group seems to be quite nice.

2018-04-12(15Th) Vacuum pump

[20:40] Tough morning, I've slept pretty badly. Eve was slow to prepare. Not so spectacular trip time, but still within tolerance for first week after so long break. My day at work was awkward, but with some moderate achievements; it is still unbearably hot.
After work, I've received my parcels, one of which were plastic jars for vacuum storage (with pump). I've done some experiments already, one of which was to make pickled lemons sink (de-pressurize and re-pressurize, to saturate all cavities with brine).
[goo://Pablopavo i ludziki]

2018-04-13(15Fr) Full week

[23:00] I've slept badly again, was constantly waking up in the middle of the night, then I was very exhausted in the morning. I've took a nap when Elmyra went to catch her bus, and of course I've overslept. Same as little Eve. We've left home at 0730CET, of course I've took my bike, and it was wise decision, I've thought to myself, when I saw traffic jams in the town.
My day at work was better than Yesterday, but it needed lots of coffee. Also all my mail was delivered today, among other things there was my repaired phone. Unfortunately, just reinstating from backup didn't bring it to previous state: they've replaced the motherboard, and new one had newer version of firmware, and some settings did not match, hence many vital settings needed to be configured by hand. But it's cool now (only voice notifications through BT are not working).

2018-04-14(15Sa) Спаси Планету!

[22:01] So, I've waken up late and in bad mood. Elmyra wanted to prepare pancakes, but eventually burned her hand. My phone received some software updates overnight, and now calling through BT headset is totally broken -- it logs in as BT speaker only.
We've been planting the forest today, then shopped for groceries.
Quiet evening, everyone did own stuff.

2018-04-15(15Su) Internal day

[22:08] Nice morning, although I had some headache. Day was slow, we've did some haushalt, Eve was riding her bike (she finally learned), I've attached the camera to my bike and have given it a try on short route. We have begun to level the pile of laundry awaiting ironing (we let it grow recklessly for last month), as this is the season, when we switch from winter to summer clothing. Leftovers for dinner. And tomorrow I'll cook some experimental dish out of soybeans.

2018-04-16(16Mo) all sorts of bad

[21:38] We've slept in, but then prepared to leave quite quickly. Day at work was quite fruitful, despite it was still unbearably hot (air conditioner is broken). Little Eve did quite badly at school, she earned detention. I've tried to cook tajin out of soybeans, but it didn't turn out as good as I expected (meat is better for that). Two accomplishments: I've repaired BT service in my phone (will see, how long it will last), and also I've ironed another batch of laundry, meaning, that we can get rid of that this week. My mother called to confirm, that they're coming this weekend, she also asked, what would little Eve want for her birthday.
Tomorrow Elmyra goes to the dentist.

2018-04-17(16Tu) Parent-Teacher conference

[20:22] Morning was relatively smooth, day at work quite OK (although I believe, I've scratched some old shit and the stench will stay on for a while). I've left a bit earlier than usual to get on time for the meeting at school. Some good news, some bad news, but in all, nothing to really worry about -- which means: same old trouble, we are already tackling about.
cold buffet for dinner. Elmyra had her bad tooth removed.

2018-04-18(16We) Sick to the back teeth

[22:50] Literally
Elmyra stayed home today, because she was so drugged up, she barely could walk and talk. Eve prepared quickly, my day at work was quite fine, despite some awkward moments. Interesting evening spent at the workshops.

2018-04-19(16Th) Толстый слой жирной грязи

[22:02] Я проснулся рано, отвёз Элмиру на вокзал, потом приготовил Эву в школу и уехал на роботу. Ветер дул мне в спину, поэтому мое время в пути было очень коротким, ниже 3000 секунд. День на роботе удлинился, но был довольно успешным.
Проблемы начались после обеда: оказалось, что Эва потеряла где-то в школе свой набор цветных карандаши (который она поучила в прошлое Рождество). Потом, когда мы все занялись сборкой и порядками, Элмире стало плохо и ей нужно было положится на несколько минут. Ужин был готовом, требовал только разогрева в микроволновой печи. Элмыра чувствовала себя виноватой, поэтому она позаботилась о глаженье белья.
добавить в закладки: []
XXX rocznica śmierci J. Kofty, a także urodziny J. Kobuszewskiego

2018-04-20(16Fr) Eve X

[22:24] The weather front passed above us, pressure stopped to go up and down like crazy, so I've slept well and rested through the night, therefore got up without trouble, little Eve too. The wind has stopped, so today i have had some real trip time, slightly above 3000s but still decent. Today also marked second week in a row, when I've ridden bike to my Office all five workdays. Aternoon I've spent on ultimate tidying-up, while girls were on short trip to far side of our town.
=> [v=_SlcVTfP4MA][v=DAbppnXpfHc]
=> A swoją drogą tak się zastanawiam, z okazji dnia języka chińskiego: jakie oni tam mają takie śmieszne gry słów? Jak chodziłem na judo na studiach i zaczynałem się interesować japońszczyzną, kiedyś potkałem przy piwie osobę, która uczyła się aktywnie krzaczków na PJWSTK, i taki szczegół zapamiętałem: oczywiście na początku człowiek uczy się, co to 人 i 女, bo to absolutnie konieczne, żeby nie pomylić toalety, przebieralni itp... W pewnym momencie trafiamy na znak 姻 czyli 'małżeństwo' i tu zaczyna grac wyobraźnia, ze "dziewczyna trzyma kochanka w szafie, jak mąż do domu wraca", albo jeszcze, jeżeli kojarzymy, że 口 znaczy 'brama' ale też 'usta', no to można mieć nieprzyzwoite skojarzenia, że "ona trzyma jego całego w ustach"... To o ideogramach, a jeszcze o czytaniu (z zasłyszanej w radiu rozmowy z badaczem współczesnej kultury Chin, słaba pamięć wspomożona google translate, użytym też do znalezienia odp znaków CJK): Mottem partii jest "找天" czyli (mniej-więcej) "Patrz w przyszłość" ale podobnie czyta się "找錢" (szukaj pieniędzy); to jest podobno popularny żarcik dla określenia nowobogackich. Nie znam w ogóle chińskiego. Jak to jest?

2018-04-21(16Sa) A visit

[22:17] I've waken up pretty early, but allowed myself to stay in bed until about 0700CET. We've given last touch to the general celan-up, I was shopping for groceries at local shop, then started preparing something for lunch.
My parents arrived a bit earlier, than they announced, fortunately, it takes more than hour to travel to our home from my Godfathers place (where they also paid a little visit), so we could be ready. We have had tea and cake, then went out for a walk. We were sightseeing all the newly renovated alleys and our town's park, at one point, when we've stopped for Eve to play on the "monkeys' garden", we've seen two teenage girls dressed-up in unicorn kigurumi pyjamas. I've asked, whether I can make a photo, but they refused. Pity. On our way back, we've helped our neighbour to lift a gas cooker upstairs.
Goulash soup with noodles for dinner, then we've had some drinks, Eve left to play outside and we had another tea, while we exchanged all the news and rumours. We've closed the day early, around 2200CET.

2018-04-22(16Su) New and old

[15:11] I've replaced worn battery in my laptop, will see, how long it will last. The old one I'll try to revive by cycling each cell separately (for that I need to borrow lithium-ion cell charger from some model maker). My parents left shortly after breakfast, then I've took Eve to the church, and after that we've let her play outside until dinner.

2018-04-23(17Mo) This actually could work

[21:48] Elmyra overslept and needed a lit to the station. Eve prepared pretty quick. I was down on stamina and my trip time was not a spectacular one, but still decent. Very productive day at work, mostly because it was rather chilly in the morning, the heat was not killing me. Air conditioner must be repaired already. After I've returned home, I've noticed, that today nobody tried to kill me on the road. Improvised dinner. Thoughts about forest trips. And Princess Aeolian (Ghostblade).

2018-04-24(17Tu) Feels good

[22:18] Nice awakening, good turnaround time in the morning preparations, good trip time and average speed, despite opposing wind; not so much traffic on my way back after moderately successful day at work. Elmyra was in the city, doing some voodoo with her teeth (again), Eve was playing outside for only half hour, because it started to rain. Tasty dinner, lazy evening.
=> The film Hobbyhorse Revolution is available on iTunes now, but not in my region -- so I went to Swedish shop to buy it, without geo-lock.

2018-04-25(17We) Midweek

[21:36] We've got a bit late in the morning, also there was strong wind and my trip time was nothing beyond decent. At least at work I've finished all what I planned. Battery in camera attached to bicycle died half way, and also I've caught flat tyre, but somehow I've managed to not get late for the workshops.

2018-04-26(17Th) Celebrating

[23:59] We've been a bit slow in the morning. I've learned, that Eve lost her jacket somewhere at school, so I've told her, to search thoroughly before lessons. As it was revealed later, she got it back.
My day at work was good, but I needed to leave a bit earlier to catch my train to the City, because for today we've scheduled to meet in a bar to celebrate. Because the main train line is in renovation, and the buses have stops at inconvenient places, I've decided to go to another city to catch a train, and after I've examined bus timetable, I've decided rather to ride Україна to the other town. There was some challenges with that: in the middle of my ride I was caught by sudden storm (fortunately, I was prepared, with oilskin and rubber overshoes), then there were no place to dock and tie my bike at the station -- but somehow I've managed. I didn't got late, the meeting was all pleasant, I've left as planned, but then I've missed my train back by mere seconds. I've took advantage of zone ticket to use other route, changing trains and buses several times -- but I was at the station, where I've left my bike thirty minutes earlier, than if I'd waited for next train. Riding my pike back home I've stopped at Türkish pub to have a 'midnight gobble', feeding on extra large kebab. I was home few minutes before midnight.
Owner of YT channel 'mom look no computer' is about to have collab with Colin Furze.

2018-04-27(17Fr) Janusze na drodze

[23:59] Today we have had nice morning, though my ride to work was not so nice: I was forced to brake rapidly and I've flipped over the grip bar. All in all, it was more fun than pain, although I've scared to death one driver. At work -- wrapping up all loose ends, many things were lead to positive end -- however, I've taken my laptop home to tweak some tasks every now and then during long weekend. On my way back home, I've broken my bicycle. Again: mounting hook for rear dérailleur has been bent; It revealed though, that this can be fixed with few hits with hammer.
My father called to scold me about invitations not sent -- I'll fix that tomorrow. Today's evening is big laundry day.

2018-04-28(17Sa) Long weekend

[23:04] I thought, that I've slept-in, but when I've checked the time on my wrist band, it revealed, it's mere 0640CET. It meant, that I've had good sleep. Elmyra also woke up early, but complained, that her back is sore and she started to do some stretching. I've helped with massage. We've packed ourselves and the cat, and went to meet with The Roommates. On the way we've stopped to do some shopping.
The day passed slowly, we've helped with small repairs and garden keeping, have had drinks and barbecue. Some other friends have dropped with a visit.
We've also learned, that Eve misbehaved during a visit at the neighbours.

2018-04-29(17Su) Sunday, work

[23:59] I've waken up late, but didn't care. In the night I've tried to connect to the Company, but with null result -- even eMail was not downloading. I think, it has something to do with the fact, that I've changed password on Friday.
All day was a hard work, I was digging in the dirt, moving it with a wheelbarrow and drowning in sweat. I was listening to my Маринина book, in Russian to keep the left brain busy parsing foreign language, and let the right brain solve technical problem (of VPN not working) in the background. People were mad at me, because any attempt to have a conversation needed me to wake up from two levels of trance, but we've survived somehow. Somewhere after sunset, the girls (Roommate's and my fife) got a brilliant idea to start making dumplings. So we did that -- we've finished kitchen work at round 0200CET.
In the meantime, our cat, who was prowling all over the countryside, got beaten somewhere -- Elmyra was afraid, that he may have a rib broken.

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